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Тoon Clash Chess
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Enjoy chess as you never did, coming to live through the help of the wonderful 3D animated characters in the charming fantasy world of Playville.

• Amazing fantasy 3D world.
• Three different locations ( boards ) to play in – Forest, Playville ( the town ) and The Magic Tree.
• Unique action 3D characters.
• Hundreds of fun arcade style animations bringing chess pieces to live.

Different chess modes:
• Choose the team you like best – black or white - and get in battle against the AI chess engine.
• Two player hot-seat mode to play with your friends and family on a single device wherever you are (available in the full version of the game)

Select the level of difficulty that matches your experience:
• Easy: Especially designed AI for beginners, suitable for kids and adults who are not experienced chess player, but would like to live the fun of playing a chess game and get engaged with the most popular game of all times.
• Medium: A challenge to beat even for experienced players.
• Hard: Tough – masters only!

More features:
• Auto save your last game to continue playing whenever you want.
• Undo moves (unlimited in full version)
• Hints (available in the full version)
• Classic 2D pieces mode
• Enjoy different views: Side-Perspective view, Top view and Free Camera view modes – touch and rotate the camera at your angle of preference.

Challenge your brain with the most popular puzzle board game in the world ever. Complete as many of the achievements you can and do not forget to share the fun with your friends and family!

Part of the Playville Quest series, Toon Clash chess is Suitable for all ages with it’s appealing graphics. This amazing cartoon chess game would also be a perfect match for your kids to enjoy and become keen fans of the chess game for life.

The most beautiful and fun Chess experience you can find!

Тoon Clash Chess APK reviews

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livy mcbain review livy mcbain
You need to pay to Unlock tips for beginners, that is not cool when You already have ads. Either drop the ads or Unlock the game totally. Good graphics and great to get my kid to learn chess in a fun way.
Happyface456 review Happyface456
Terrible game. The other teams goal is strictly to put you in check
A Google user review A Google user
As an app for just playing and not for "learning" (in the absolute beginners' sense), it's great, and apart from being a really smoothly operable and visually appealing game, it is ADORABLE. Love the endearing antics of all the pieces. Definitely makes for a fun experience. I'd love it even more if it had a free two player mode at least.
Macrene Paragas review Macrene Paragas
Because I was a master and it was eazy you know but rookie sometimes beat me when im bored
Alicia Franzen review Alicia Franzen
I enjoy most every aspect of this artful and fun version of chess. With small exceptions such as not being able to lock the screen in place after putting the view where I want it. The other I don't mind much being the common dislike about paying for multiplayer. I think that alot of app gamers can be cheap skates so you can take this or not. Try making it free for one week then revoke so that a persons addictive nature can be appealed to.
jeff speirs review jeff speirs
It's very simple, and I do feel chess should be, but after a match your first thought is, "wonder if I can download a better one that keeps track of stats and maybe teaches a few tricks?" That said I really want this to work. Update it! Make it as awesome as I want it to be. The little "walk of shame" the pieces do puts the biggest grin on my face every time. It's a consumers market on here, so don't be so stingy with content and you may have a gem.
William Vaughan review William Vaughan
Excellent 3D art and concept! My main suggestions would be to allow more movement of the camera, and add camera options, such as over the shoulder and through the eyes of each piece on the board, as well as spectators on the sidelines.
Karl Born review Karl Born
You only give us one choice to use for our chess pieces but I wish you give us more in cartoon form. Are you guys having trouble with new ideas for chess pieces? If so I have some suggestions that would make it better? Like a cartoon version of Universal Studios Monsters, Greek Mythology, fairy mythology, Martians against a spacecadet or a King Arthur vs an evil king Renaissance cartoon chess pieces. Cops and robbers or a western chess pieces I can go on and on but these ideas are the best I think to use besides just one selection. Also I don't see an ad on how you can buy the rest of the game to get the different chessboard you have locked would you put one in please?
Sandy Septia review Sandy Septia
And I really really love this game ,but if I can say,please make free for multiple players or two players mode please,but overall I really love this game good job ,make something new game again
PowerPoint World review PowerPoint World
This game is fantastic , everything is cool , I just want to say that it does not give the option of promoting a pawn to a rook or knight or bishop it promotes to a queen automatically.
Brandon Johnson review Brandon Johnson
Wow! Whomever created this game doesn't know how to play chess. It won't let you make legal moves. The worst chess app I have played. I don't know why others haven't complained about it.
Niels Tromp review Niels Tromp
I wanted to play chess and this is what I found. Nice difficulty level for a 'rookie' like me.
John Paul Jalapan review John Paul Jalapan
I really like this game. Ibjust wish there's more characters/teams to unlock and to choose from
Michael Jordan review Michael Jordan
It's hard to tell different pieces. Camera angles are skewed by trees and hard to get a good view.
Best game for practice, online service and two player service please install