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Saitama RPG Localdia Chronicle
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Let’s explore the reality and fantasy of Saitama and Kawagoe City!

A 2D exploration type RPG traveling in a world with Japan’s Saitama prefecture as motif!
No gachas! No social functions! No online game functions!

●◇●◇ About Saitama City ◇●◇●
Located in the north side of Tokyo, Saitama City is one of the most populous city in Japan with a population of 1.28 million. Ten administrative districts have been set up in government-designated cities that were born from the merger of the four cities between 2003 and 2005.

Although it is sometimes ridiculed as “Having nothing there is it’s features” or as “Lame Saitama”, it is a region full of a very long history and tourism resources.

●◇●◇ Features ◇●◇●
• A story with both cities’ facilities, folktales, industries, etc. as its motifs.
• A simple and easy-to-understand field with only two arrow keys and two buttons.
• A smooth, 4 command input formula battle system.
• An abundant conversation event stories.

●◇●◇ Story ◇●◇●
In this "world" made up of ten countries, there was a peaceful and prosperous era over 200 years. And when history and tradition are being lost from people's memories, monsters became violent, and various unexpected changes occur in various places. The priest of the Great Ice River Temple, which saw the situation to be dire, ordered an unusual investigation to the shrine maiden, Loussier of the Holy Spirit …

And Loussier meets a boy in the northern kingdom.

●◇●◇ GPS Communication ◇●◇●
By actually visiting the places specified in the game and connect your GPS through this app, you will be able to get "Primrose Flowers".
You can exchange Primrose Flowers with powerful items and weapons in-game.

The specified places are a variety of stone monuments, shrines and temples, public facilities, etc., where their stories are not yet well known.
Please enjoy this local visit as a trigger to deepen your interest and understanding of the city.

In addition, we will acquire your location information with this function.
Please follow message display in the app, and use it after agreeing to obtain position information.

●◇●◇ Billing ◇●◇●
Although the game is free-to-play, there are some purchasable items in-game that can help you advance in the game more favorably.

1. Orb of Blessings
【1 piece / 120 yen (up to 5 pieces)】
• An Item for receiving the "Blessing of the Holy Spirit" which strengthens your characters.
• The status increase during level-up increases, and all weapons and armors can be equipped.

2. Ability Rubies
【15 pieces / 120 yen (up to 45 pieces)】
• An item that grants special abilities to characters.
• Various abilities such as "Double experience" and "Attack Power + 30%" can be equipped.

3. Game place Coins
【200,000 coins / 480 yen (can be purchased only once)】
• You can exchange these coins for powerful weapons and items.

Although you can finish the game without purchasing anything, if you purchase the package of [Orb × 5 + Ruby × 15/480 yen], you’ll be able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

● ◇ ● ◇ New game with take over ◇ ● ◇ ●
After clearing the game, you can start the game again from the beginning but with all of your previous status and items. When you restart the application after clearing the main part of the game, the button "New game with take over" will appear on the start screen.

Even if you have already cleared the game, please note that the "New game with take over” will not be displayed unless you clear the game again with the latest version.

● ◇ ● ◇ Other ◇ ● ◇ ●
Saitama City New Business Award 2015, Business Plan Award
• Saitama Prefecture Management Innovation Plan Approved Project
• The story of the game is fiction. It has nothing to do with real people and groups.

Saitama RPG Localdia Chronicle APK reviews

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Nik D review Nik D
Love the story. Lots of rooms can be improved. Tips: your friends will have the same level as the main character so using exp*2. After finishing the first land, visit place with fake GPS to grant items then go to unfinished cave and level up Sid till lv50. Play hit & blow in the casino to get speed*2 for all except Sid, just find an online slover. You cannot enjoy this game without GPS items. It's unbearable.
Lemon Lead review Lemon Lead
I find it irritating to constantly see the walking animation from everyone while standing and the menu and ok button keeps reappearing whenever I click the d-pad. The game looks great tho.
Caname Miku review Caname Miku
Yay i'm stuck lol I'm stuck on the part when we're asked to search for a clerk on a cave. I just can't find it lmao But actually it's a great game, but there's a lot of error in the graphic and the transletion kinda cringy...
Geoff Sarlo review Geoff Sarlo
The game looks good. The controls are a bit wierd mainly due to all the controls being on one side . The action button is usually on the right side and movement on the left. The translation could use a bit of work and the biggest problem so far is every time I try to enter the city before the shrine where you meet the maiden the second time the game crashes.
A Google user review A Google user
Very nice. Not to easy. Just a heads up . It's easier if you buy some orbs,and makes it a little more interesting. Go kemco
Aetherpon review Aetherpon
Just finished the game at last. Loved the ending. Hated Zig-zag paths. And I liked Robica's Arc so much that I played it in one sitting. Then I cried when best girl died. Spoiler Alert: - The addition of Lybuke at the end is not cool bro. - Never ending cave has an end, took me a couple hours. - Barely used Grand Nova. - Best girl became Solvite… for some reason. - Loussier has group Revive, isn't that too OP? - This game's story was inspired by a real person? Good job, game. You had me in tears while I was playing. And remember! An elephant never forgets!
axe cross review axe cross
The controls need to be improved. It feels something wrong
OtakuLaifu review OtakuLaifu
I hate who ever made this game but you will not force me to buy stuff iwill end this gane without any buffs even if takes me a month ( been playing for a week and I am at the end where i can't beat yet I will lvl to 60 and try again because 50 ain't enough
RJ Mason review RJ Mason
Your D-pad and constant, in-the-way menu button is, by far, one of the worst designs I've ever seen! I played for 3 minutes and quit in disgust. Terrible controls!!
Piyawan Suansuwan review Piyawan Suansuwan
Bad control, no touch mod, no quest menu, no map, and very little tutorial. I dunno what to do or where to go. Also, plz label the npc and town name on the screen.
Paul Schwede review Paul Schwede
This is a very fun game. It has very vibrant and beautiful colors good stories line. It's nicely put too gather. I wish there was a easy way too get ability stones and blessings orbs.
EZ To Play review EZ To Play
I love the storyline. Thanks for your effort in making such wonderful game!
A Google user review A Google user
Controls not good
startyu syakir review startyu syakir
Another Level of RPG .. tYu approve !!!
RegOwYeah Recto review RegOwYeah Recto
Luckily i'm not stuck anymore. That passage/portal from nishi to chuo and vice versa is inverted, like, you are in nishi but it says "do you want yo go to Nishi kingdom?" Chou castle is the one without trees around, just walk around the castle and a dialog will appear.