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1.1.1 · SB Creative Corp.

花嫁になる条件2(ハーレクイン) APK latest version info

Offers Free
Version 1.1.1
Developer SB Creative Corp.
Category Apps, Comics
ID jp.co.softbank.cr.HanayomeNi02
Requirements 1.6 and up

花嫁になる条件2(ハーレクイン) 1.1.1 APK description

平素はGoogle Playで配䠡しておりますハーレクインコミックのアプリをご利用くださいまして誠にありがとうございます。

誠に勝手ながら、現在、Google Playの「アプリ」カテゴリで配䠡しておりますハーレクインコミックの一部の単品アプリにつきまして、販売を終了することにいたしました。

Google Playで配䠡している、アプリ名に「【ハーレクイン】」の用語が入っているアプリ

2013年6月3日(月)~2013年7月31日(水) : 該当アプリを順次配䠡停止いたします。



※Android OSのバージョンアップや、機種変更に伴い端末からデー゠を消去してしまった場合等は、対堜致しかねますのでご了扠頂きますようお願い申し上げます。


ハーレクイン問い合わせ窓口:[email protected]

「10万ポンド払うから、僕と今すぐ結婚してくれ」生活のため、高級アパートメントの掃除人として働くマグダに、裕福でゴージャスな男性が突然声をかけてきた。彼は、この家の主人ラファエッロ・ディ・ヴィシェンティ。イ゠リアの大実業家だという彼が初対面で貧乏人の私にプロポーズするなんて…! 正気の沙汰とは思えず彼女はきっぱりと断るが、その夜、ラファエッロは自宅までマグダを蠽いかけてきた――!!【後編】


Thank you indeed for now please use the app Harlequin comics that we have delivered on Google Play is patronage.

I am so sorry, currently, we've decided to With regard to single item apps part of the Harlequin comics that we have delivery of Google Play in the "Applications" category, will be discontinued.
Discontinued operations separately apps Harlequin comics are expected to keep up with sequentially through Wednesday, July 31, 2013 (Monday) June 3, 2013.

-------------------------------------------------- -----
[App to be discontinued]
App term "[Harlequin]" is on you are live on Google Play, the app name

[Schedule for application Discontinued]
I unsubscribe sequentially corresponding Application (water) July 31 (Mon) - 2013 June 3, 2013.
-------------------------------------------------- -----

But there is a very unfortunate to inform everyone that a daily basis, most customers using our application,
I ask to approve it.

In addition, please feel easy even about the (water) since July 31, 2013 the corresponding application will be discontinued, since it is possible to browse as long as you do not want to delete the app.

※ and upgrade of Android OS, etc. If you happen to erase the data from the terminal With the model change, I ask to have you understand that I can not support.

Contact us If you have any information about this matter, please contact form linked below.

Harlequin Inquiries: [email protected]

Fujita Kazuko / Julia James
For "pay from 100,000 pounds, and I have been married now and I" of life, to Magda to work as sweeper of luxury apartment, gorgeous man wealthy have been called out suddenly. He, master Raffaello di Vu~ishenti of this house. He says that a big businessman of Italian Nante to propose to me in the first meeting of the poor ...! She refuse flatly not think with the insane, but that night, Raphael has been chasing Magda to home -! [Sequel]

※ The search (Harlequin) If you would like to read a Harlequin Comics more with the Android Marketplace!
Published in the one after another new work! !

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