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100 Candy Balls 3D
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100 Candy Balls is the sweetest game ever on Google Play! This game is a simple one touch saga with challenging gameplay that will keep you entertained for 100+ hours.

As the owner of a fantastic candy factory, you decided to produce some new types of candy. The product line operates as follows: open the top vessel, collect the candy balls in the magic bowls, then the assembly line will transport the candy balls back to the top vessel but with refined taste. Now push your skills to the limit in this amazingly delicious saga guaranteed to satisfy your teeth.

How to Play:
- Just tap on the screen to open the vessel and drop the candy balls into the bowls
- Don't lose all your candy balls otherwise game will end
- Be careful, if a bowl carries nothing to the top, it will crush into pieces

Game Features:
- Enchanting 3D graphics and awesome sound effects
- Realistic 3D physic engines that make the game more fun
- Easy to start, but hard to fully master

100 Candy Balls 3D APK reviews

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Jyotika Varmani review Jyotika Varmani
It's fun.
This game requires a lot of attention and stamina, but that's a good exercise. My only issue is that with games having so much of variety these days, this one tends to stagnate a bit. The graphics could be upgraded to. Good job by Words Mobile.
Heather Clinton review Heather Clinton
Fast paced
Very fun and addicting. Unfortunately sometimes there's a glitch where the game goes slow motion for a couple of seconds and doesn't register that youtouched the screen to drop balls and you loose a cup. Besides that, fun for all ages!!!
taniyah saulsberry review taniyah saulsberry
If only it was better
This game is stupid how am I supposed to get extra cups and candy pieces if you can even earn the gold coins. Then there is only 1 board the levels might change but there is only one board. It should switch up instead of being only on that one board. Its a great way of passing time but still also a waste of time.
Sukanya Mishra review Sukanya Mishra
Concentrate and own it!
Very addictive game.. the game is a no brainer.. but u need a lot of concentration to keep going.. best game when u wanna get out of a boring situation. (Y)
Kodi Houser review Kodi Houser
It is a wonderful game I love it very challenging. I recomen this game to everyone. The only bad part is that it takes 10% of my battery. This game is deffinitly a 5 stargame
sanjeet sarkar review sanjeet sarkar
I loved 100 Candy Balls 3D
Its a very nice , interesting and enjoying game . Its hard but nice . I like playing 100 Candy Balls 3D . I would like if more versions of this game will be there . Now, after playing this game for several days. I am not at all enjoying it.