1Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar APK

1Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar
1Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar screenshot 11Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar screenshot 21Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar screenshot 31Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar screenshot 41Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar screenshot 51Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar screenshot 61Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar screenshot 71Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar screenshot 8

📡 Live Local Radar with 25+ layers

Track thunderstorms, hurricanes, snow and Stay Safe 🤗

📅 12 Weeks Extended Forecast

Don’t miss out on the Sun! Plan your Day, Week or even the next vacation with our extended forecasts.

📲 10+ Beautiful Customizable Widgets

Track weather right from your Homescreen with our beautiful widgets.

☁️ 48 Hours Detailed Forecast

Get an hour by hour forecast so that you know if you need that light jacket or not 🧥

☔ Hourly Chances of Rain

Never let Rain catch you by surprise-know when to take that umbrella.

⚠️ Hyperlocal Severe Weather Warnings

We care for your safety. Any severe weather alerts are delivered in Realtime.

🌞 UV Index, Dew Point, Visibility Info, Humidity and Pressure Info

15+ weather data points help you get all the weather information you need.

🌘 Sun and Moon Tracker

Get sunset, sunrise, moon-rise, moon phases and more .

📺 1Weather TV–Local Forecast Videos

Get regional, national and city weather forecast in HD quality videos.

50 Million Downloads and Counting! Download 1Weather Now 📥

Need Help?

Please feel free to reach us at [email protected] . We would love to hear from you.

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1Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar APK reviews

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Edward Duszak review Edward Duszak
Mostly accurate temperature .. right now reporting thunderstorm ... just light raun
Suggest you check 2 weather apps not just thus one
Kym Panetti review Kym Panetti
Best weather app ever!!
I love this weather app because it gives you all the information about your weather plus gives you interesting facts about storms, clouds, and other weather related things. I open it several times a day just to read this. Everyone should get this app.
Yusra Farhat Ullah review Yusra Farhat Ullah
Multiple time and weather widgets
The one thing that none of the other weather apps is multiple widgets for a different city each, but not just weather, they also show time so i dont need to open a separate app before calling my friends n family. They stay on my home screen and it's very convenient. Another great feature is severe weather warnings so you can be ready for it when it hits. Very useful.
Rick Jacobs review Rick Jacobs
I’ve been a fan of 1Weather for at least 4 years, great app fantastic widget, it was simple, concise, and looked great. Your material design missed its mark. It appears this update was trying to give users more info but to get to the info now I’m scrolling left, right, up, down, hit more and keep scrolling. The old app the info was just “there”. The radar shows me a 1.5 miles from where I am, to be honest the old version was off as well. TU for not messing with the widgets.
This app came on my phone, at first I wasn't so sure about it. I usually use The Weather Channel app but after giving this app (1Weather) a try, I've actually come to really like it, & I been using it instead of TWC app!!
Mislav Komerički review Mislav Komerički
great looking and quite accurate
I prefer old look to new one, but it is not so horrible as some reviews imply. Two annoying things: * app studders when scrolling between main tabs * black theme missing * and hPa pressure unit missing (its the same as mb but still). Waiting for new update...
Bee Gone review Bee Gone
What have you done?
You took a near perfect app and turned it into trash! Your radar doesn't work at all! I've had this app for about 4yrs and with this update I just want to delete and move on! Fix your radar, I can't even see any layers or do you mean to tell me there is zero cloud coverage across the whole continental US?
J. Carlos Hernandez review J. Carlos Hernandez
well I tried everything, unninstalling installing, restarting the phone and nothing. It still shows me ads after I bought The add free...
Steve Schwenke review Steve Schwenke
Best weather app. Would be a 5 till last update
Have had several different weather apps at same time and this always wins. But really dislike the new forecast page from last update than the older forecast page. Older one much more visually friendly with more of a personal written forecasts than just a chart. Change it back and u get a 5
Chike Verwey review Chike Verwey
Praise must be given when due. Though the changes are subtle having the widget information aligned is major for me. Additionally the app overall seems smoother and more responsive. Kudos!
Robby Feekes review Robby Feekes
Best there is!
This weather app is the one I go to the most. I tried others but always come back to this one. Love the new layout. The only thing it is missing is more info on the day. Ex "light showers in morning becoming clear in afternoon". I live in an area for snow and would like to know how much snow is expected for the day.
Progamer review Progamer
I have the ongoing notification on and temperature doesnt stay after my phones display turns off and after i turn back on, i have to open up the app everytime for it to show
Nowhere Man review Nowhere Man
Not bad...
Was going to knock off a point or two, just because lots of devs think if it ain't broke, fix it till it is. This update is one of the better ones I've seen, it did change the look but left things where they were. Didn't take me an hour and a longshoreman's vocabulary to figure out the app. Nicely done!
Michael Strugala review Michael Strugala
Very useful and customizable. One key suggestion is to resize the 4*1 flip clock widget. It seems to work more as a 4*2 widget. Thanks!
Jim Sweeney review Jim Sweeney
I got 1Weather quite a while ago and have loved the app. Somebody got stupid and totally eff'd things up. Guess the decision was, "Well, we're not getting enough new registrations so lets throw our current supporters overboard and chase idiots as customers.