360 Battery - Battery Saver, Phone Cooler, Cleaner APK

360 Battery - Battery Saver, Phone Cooler, Cleaner
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✨ 360 Battery – Battery Saver, a FREE battery saver app makes you extend the battery life and cut down charging time under the power saving mode.

With battery time monitoring, power saving mode and battery charging time reducer, 360 Battery saver help your phone keep batteries plus all the time.
Under the battery time monitoring, it detects what app is eating your battery power and it also tells you which one of them should be killed thus to save battery power.
Under power saving mode, You could stop all the battery draining apps on the background with one click.
As a battery charging time reducer, it reduces the battery consumption during the charging time.

Moreover, 360 battery saver also is a app saver,it helps you manage all draining apps, stop useless apps and decrease the charging time.
Free download this battery saver app comprehensively with only one tap to extend your device’s battery life.

Why 360 Battery (Battery Saver & Battery Booster) is a MUST-HAVE app?
A Smart Battery Saver- Battery draining fast? Adjust your draining settings and disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery! Instantly find and stop power consuming apps with a single tap.
Main features:
⭐️ One-Tap Power Saver:
Shut down background battery life draining apps and improve battery time with one tap.

⭐️ Advanced Power Saver app:
Take out auto-starting apps to save battery power.

⭐️ Peer-wakeup Power Saver:
Terminate apps that activate by other processes after being shut down to extend battery life.

⭐️ Power Saving Mode:
Monitoring battery life, such as temperature, battery power pressure and remnant battery time to get a clear picture as a battery power saver.

⭐️ Battery Power Calculation:
Accurately estimate battery time with current status of your device and battery power.

⭐️ 24 Hour Power Consumption Chart:
Real-time monitor your battery power consumption status of your apps, provide power draining details and optimization functionalities.

⭐️ Smart Battery Power Saver:
Intelligently select options to save battery power based on different usage scenarios and retain your energy to the time you need it the most.

⭐️ Healthy Charging:
At different charging phases, it monitors and completes healthy battery charge to ensure battery stay in its best condition during the whole battery life.

⭐️ Junk File Cleaner:
Delete useless Android system files, large files and app caches for an instant speed boost to your Android performance, while freeing up storage space with a single tap.

⭐️ Privacy:
Privacy & App Lock – Prevent data on the device such as apps, SMS, photo albums, and other important and private documents from falling into the wrong hands.

⭐️ Exception Reminder:
Remind you timely and optimize your device with one tap when exception occurs to your battery temperature and power consumption of an app.

360 Battery helps cool down phone temperature and save power. This function needs to enable your accessibility service to help kill background apps and optimize your device performance.
360 Battery – Battery Saver is available in following languages: English, Português(Brasil), Português(Portugal), Español(España), Español(Latinoamérica), Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, French, German, 中文(简体)and 中文(繁體).

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360 Battery - Battery Saver, Phone Cooler, Cleaner APK reviews

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Aleksander Bartyzel review Aleksander Bartyzel
The app worked for a while until my phone started to lose charge even if it was plugged into a charger. Even if the charging problem did not occur, the calculations are unaccurate and also it worked slightly. I tested it with the app and without it, and the difference was half hour on my Samsung Galaxy A5 on the first day. After time it got worse until the charge problem appeared. Although the apps junk cleaner is the only working thing in this app, i give it 2/5
April Swartz review April Swartz
I've been using this app for a while an its done exactly what it says it will do... So far its been grate my phone was charging very slow when I got this app it went back to normal! Thanks
Gamer Master review Gamer Master
It does its job greatly but still needs to improve a bit. Also, there's a bug that shows wrong time remaining for charging process to complete. It shows 26 minutes but instead it takes 1 hour, really needs to improve!
Sometimes it pretends to have closed some apps..but in fact it has not...
Just loved it
Extends battery life very pleasantly, clean all background applications. I recommend you to install this app. keep it up. It has many more functions.
Michael Currence review Michael Currence
I think it was quick and fast good app, but you don't even get the Try it to see if you like the ass they want you to read it too quick.
Rey Enderez review Rey Enderez
Great help for my phone
hani modern review hani modern
خیلی خوب و عالی توصیه کی کنم حتما نصب کنید. Very good app tank u 360 team
osman goni review osman goni
It's the best of the rest battery apps. I do love rely on it in my 12 mobile. All 360 apps are my family apps. Thanks a million to 360 team of developers.
Everett Coleman review Everett Coleman
Awesome, it saved my phone from overheating 24/7
wayne west review wayne west
Surprised to open this app only to find a "gay" ad appear twice ! My children will not use this, uninstalling.
Jozef Salim review Jozef Salim
Easy to use!
Greg Shoop review Greg Shoop
Works pretty good, I think it's helping.
Pranav Gadoya review Pranav Gadoya
Pls describe what update is for recently 3 update in 10 days??? Need to optimize automatically
It doesn't let my phone die