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pritam pradhan review pritam pradhan
3d surround music player is outstanding and Tamal Basak sir i am proud of you that u have done a great work by making an application 3d surround music player "PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN" . 100 % GUARANTEE THAT THIS APP WILL WORK
Harshal Renake review Harshal Renake
Awesome app .. a fabulous job done by the creator ... the best music app that I downloaded so far ... would have been better if it was free n without a trial period
Its lovely & Really surround 3D feeling throw ear in this app. Its best for Me using Samsung galaxy J7 2016.
arun babu r p review arun babu r p
Good app well sound clarity
Ron Berry review Ron Berry
My opinion is that is the Surround 3d is as good if not better than Poweramp hands down!!
Kiran Par review Kiran Par
Rocking with bhaag DK bose
nikhil gunna review nikhil gunna
Superb app ... I really love this app
Joseph Jean Baptiste Jolicoeur review Joseph Jean Baptiste Jolicoeur
The sound is awesome but the app needs a lot of improvements. The order of songs in an album is changed randomly. Under Artist, there is just a playlist of the songs of each artist--songs should be shown in albums not in an infinite playlist, especially if you have several albums for an artist. Allow us to move or delete songs in a playlist--or I missed that option? Album arts do not show for many albums.
Imtiaz Ahmed review Imtiaz Ahmed
The best app on Google play, seroiusly! I have tried atleast 50 to 60 app before i came across thia one. The soind quality is amazing and the adjustments are almost infinite. One can adjust the sound according to his wish very easily. The 3d component is awesome too. All in all the best app on google play as far as sound quality is concerned. Some improvements needed though apart from sound quality 1) need to add cross fade, 2)folder browaing and aong queing is not smooth. It plays songs from anywhere.
Bigh Kahuna review Bigh Kahuna
WOW ... Makes my Bose Solo 5 come ALIVE. I have a bad habit of collecting bluetooth speakers. Some are good, some not so. But with my Note 8, dual speaker capability, plus this app, all of the speakers sound amazing !!!! Mobile music has now finally evolved. I paid the $12.99 Canadian because somebody just made my listening experience so much better. THANK YOU
Mukhtar Ahmed review Mukhtar Ahmed
The best app for music till date,after a friend of mine recommended this.i just uninstalled other apps,except Musixmatch. So try to develop the "lyrics" thing,I shall uninstall that app too... 😁 And the feature which we can listen to outer voice,need to fix a bit. Thank You. And I generally don't comment upon apps in Play Store,this might be might 2nd comment to any app.
thom ajtay review thom ajtay
Samsung s8+.....Wow!😎.. phenomenal sound with bose headsets.what a difference comparing to other apps...auto muzic on and off when a bluetooth device connects would be a good option..or is there one already?. When i use the mic option, the player crashes. I have learned some of the settings and seemmingly is starting to settle and work well.After my trial time..if this is fixed or is stable..i am considering on the purchase..best sounding music player yet. Thanks for the trial period.i wouldnt have tried it.
DJ Hervz review DJ Hervz
It's really a great app in terms of sound quality but the only thing i notice is that the music is not playing continuously. You need to hit play in each song on the playlist. I don't see any option to set up the play on a continuous setting. So i rated 3 on it for this opportunity but overall regarding the sound quality, i will rate it as a 5.
Manojkumarhaloi Haloi review Manojkumarhaloi Haloi
This player not able to detect the Music/ MP3 files from SD Card and show error. I have install a new SD card on my phone . But this player not able to detect the MP3 files from the SD card. It is hereby request to developing team to solve the issue
Brian Woods review Brian Woods
It works it actually works I've got ufo headphones with 8 drivers and it sounds f####n A bass is bassy no distortion 3d sound works perfection ?????? any chance you could do switchable 5.1 or just do a complete media app, I'll massive thumbs up your app in amazon review as an addition to my ufo headphones review