3D Surround Music Player APK

3D Surround Music Player
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Enjoy Exceptional Sound Clarity with Virtual3D Surround Effects, Dynamic BassBoost, TrebleBoost and 10-Band Equaliser....

Following Permissions are required to use the app properly...

1. Microphone / RECORD_AUDIO: When you use air tight headphone you will not be able to hear the ambient sound properly which is very dangerous when you are on the road or while driving. For that reason I have implemented a feature called "Awareness" which can be turned on/off by pressing the left button on the media player app. If you turn on this button, the app will start the microphone and capture the ambient sound and then add it to the music. In that way you can hear the ambient sound. This feature is implemented only for your safety purpose.

2. Contacts / GET_ACCOUNTS: This permission is required to find the google account names in your device. Account names are required to register your app in our server to activate the trial period. If I do not do this, the app can be easily hacked to bypass the trial period.

If you still have any questions, suggestions or feedback please don't hesitate to contact me. You can email me at [email protected]

3D Surround Music Player APK reviews

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Selahattin Aktok review Selahattin Aktok
Excellent and very different from other known music players. It really has 3d virtual music and 10 band equalizer and lots of effects. Also audio quality is much much more high then the others. My Samsung C7 made great improvement on the musical sound quality with the help of this great application. But too much expensive to purchase.
Lakhbir Singh review Lakhbir Singh
Outstanding performance. Perfect companion for my One plus mobile. First i was hesitating to buy this & thought it will be another waste of money & time but thank god i bought this app. Its worth of thousand music apps in app market. Full marks to team for making this wonderful app. My search of finding that unique app stops. Thank you once again to complete team & all the best.
pritam pradhan review pritam pradhan
3d surround music player is outstanding and Tamal Basak sir i am proud of you that u have done a great work by making an application 3d surround music player "PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN" . 100 % GUARANTEE THAT THIS APP WILL WORK
Harshal Renake review Harshal Renake
Awesome app .. a fabulous job done by the creator ... the best music app that I downloaded so far ... would have been better if it was free n without a trial period
ed edu review ed edu
This app is so far among the best few music apps you will find. A very wide range of sound effects to play with. Just one thing, give me a folder option too.. Otherwise geat job guys!!
Its lovely & Really surround 3D feeling throw ear in this app. Its best for Me using Samsung galaxy J7 2016.
arun babu r p review arun babu r p
Good app well sound clarity
Omni Watcher review Omni Watcher
I had previously submitted a review stating issue with the high pricing. But the price was halved to 200 INR. SO I bought it 😊 A brilliant app with such a wide range of sound effects. Ofcourse the developer deserves our support. Keep up the good work 👍👏
Ron Berry review Ron Berry
My opinion is that is the Surround 3d is as good if not better than Poweramp hands down!!
Kiran Par review Kiran Par
Rocking with bhaag DK bose
A Wells review A Wells
The sound effects are incredible! I had given up on ever finding an app that ACTUALLY increased the volume & changed sound effects based on the genre. And after installing & "uninstalling" 100+ apps, I found this one. I will never use any other. Thank you for creating such a versatile authentic app!!!
nikhil gunna review nikhil gunna
Superb app ... I really love this app
Subodh Kumar review Subodh Kumar
बहुत दिनों बाद एक बेहतरीन app मिली है। It's really really excellent app. There are many many options to set the different type of sound effects. Team you have really done a good work. I want to say for little improvement in this app i.e. increase bass effects more. But currently present bass is really very good. Once again thanks team for this lovely app. Really appreciate.
I hardly give feedback to apps. It has been 8 montha in thia year and this is the first app that stole my heart at the first usage. I am really impressed with this. As the description says the app gives u the ability to listen songs in 3D or even at 7.1 channel which makes u feel music at its best. Only recommendation to usera is to use beat quality headset or earphone to make use of this app at its best.
A Google user review A Google user
An awesome app. Truly great sound effects, but I am having a problem with the search option. As soon as I try to use the search option to find a track, the app shuts down. The developer team is yet to reply or remedy even after 3 reminders. An otherwise great App.