3D Tennis APK reviews

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usman mani review usman mani
It,s realy a good game..but it should have multiplayer mode...so we can get more fun...
Muhammad Atiq review Muhammad Atiq
Best game ever ....... But its tooo easy make it a little hard please !! ??
Angelyn Overencio review Angelyn Overencio
Want to give 4 stars but it crash and my money disappeared... Stayed for an hour to earn that money...I'm so upset....
Bob mathers review Bob mathers
Very addictive
Have been playing this game now on my experia for a while and still love it. Game play is good and quick to react.
Bharath Kumar review Bharath Kumar
Game is good but
When I open it freaking ad comes, if I close the ad it says unfortunately stopped.. disgusting.. mine is galaxy s3
kevin james review kevin james
Not much is wrong with this game but one thing that would make it perfect is an online challenge mode
Renu Kumari review Renu Kumari
I hate !!!!
This game is waste of time and data bad bad bad bad bad very very very bad' worse game i ever played
shazad lone review shazad lone
Just love it
This game is what i was looking for.. Now i request the admin team please add more levels. Thanks
olayinka sodiq review olayinka sodiq
Best game over
So much loving it! Never get tired of playing it. Cool graphics
Deergh Pandya review Deergh Pandya
Nice game... Only thing is that its not challenging.... Overall nice gaming experience.... ?
Santhosh Kumar review Santhosh Kumar
Good game, but...
Sometimes, the ball is on the line, but it is counted as out. This happens sometimes, not all the time.
Bob Bartek review Bob Bartek
Very good game, but I would like to know if it is possible to hit a topspin lob, or any lob.
I love this game
Its my favorite game ..thank u so much plz also make cricket 3D or badminton3D like this game...
Joe Acarnley review Joe Acarnley
Some improvements are needed
This game needs some work on it as it won't let my player ace the other player but the other player can ace me which I find not fair the other thing that would make this game better would be if the option to play doubles match as the amount of time my player ran up to the net and the other player managed to hit the ball past me and having a double match would be more better as it means a player at the net and one at the back of the court
Praveen kumar S review Praveen kumar S
Nice game
But My player need to run fast to one corner to another corner, so that i cant miss the shot