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3player’s got an update.

We’ve been listening to your questions and ideas and we’re delighted to announce that you can now create your own 3player account.

Experience catch-up TV like you’ve always wanted; get easy access to your ​favourite shows, download​ the ​episodes​ you want to save for later and take up where you left off across your iOS or Android devices, making sure you ​never miss a moment​.

You can register on the app using your Facebook or Google accounts or just your email address to open up a world of benefits.

Launching last September, we rebuilt 3player from the ground up with a big focus on letting you carry live TV in your pocket, bringing the likes of the Rugby World Cup, Red Rock and the X Factor live on all of your devices.

Now with Euro 2016 starting out and so many great new shows coming up, including Big Brother, you can help improve 3player by giving us your feedback on our recent update to [email protected]

Thanks for bearing with us while we worked with our player partners to improve the app. There are more updates coming so sign up for 3player to be the first to find out about new shows and exclusive videos.

3player APK reviews

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Shane C review Shane C
Unlike the tv station the app has tons of ads
Greg Byrne review Greg Byrne
Makes me watch the ads then won't play... pure dirt.... going to uninstall
Shane McCarrick review Shane McCarrick
Not working
It makes you watch an advertisement before each programme, but doesn't actually launch the programme itself. I'm sure it'll be fixed sooner or later, but its not working at the moment......
Patrick Galvin review Patrick Galvin
Can't watch live tv on mobile
Only works when wifi connected
Sean Gorman review Sean Gorman
Was this made by chimps?
Utterly dreadful. Crashes all the time, plays the ads perfectly and then boots back to the main menu, making you watch the ads again, keeps launching the website and telling me to download the app FROM INSIDE THE APP. Just farcical.
Louise Byrne review Louise Byrne
Constantly crashing
Firstly you really need to sort out the app constantly crashing. Secondly I am aware of the importance of advertising but the amount of adds is ridiculous!
Ryder Dam review Ryder Dam
Absolutely awful, would have rated 5 stars if I was looking for an app to watch blank black screens and perfect quality adds.
Tara Smith review Tara Smith
Blank screen when trying to watch anything and tv one doesnt have live tv for sony tv's and missing shows that are available on mobile devices
nd tv one doesnt have live tv for sony tv's and missing shows that are available on mobile devices
Andrew Clarke review Andrew Clarke
No Chromecast support.
The app is OK and works fine but the lack of Chromecast support makes it of limited use. Why they didn't include this in the rebuild is beyond me.
Fergus Burke review Fergus Burke
Your what's new still mentions the Rugby World Cup etc. That was last year for f s
Lisa Duffy review Lisa Duffy
Dont bother installing this!
Installed this and made several attempts to watch Downton but nothing happened, except a lot of loading. Don't waste your time installing this
Daymo Jay review Daymo Jay
I pay my TV licence - too many ads!
This app is soooooo slow and then you have to sit through the ads! Life is too short
simon smith review simon smith
This app is driving me crazy download twice still doesn't work shuts down in 5 seconds, tv3 that's way ye have always been an average TV station sort it out or don't offer it period .
Thomas Regan review Thomas Regan
Too many ads, search not working
Works fine bit what's it with all the adverts, before you get to see anything, again still more ads after you've watched an item, it's just too much. If you search it closes. Only way to work is click on a link. Search feature NOT working. Was 5 definitely not now. Cut the ads, at least 3 minutes before you see what you want to. I just give up most times
Brian Lelas review Brian Lelas
This app doesn't work properly. It keeps freezing or playing video slower than audio and every time you try to fix it it plays 3 mins of ads again. Worst app I've ever seen