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Greg Ross review Greg Ross
7 STRAIGHT DAYS OF NO CASH and now NO COINS. No incentive to win other than a phony ranking... Watched a freaking video and NOTHING , WHAT is that ??? , CUE IS ONLY GOOD FOR 2 MATCHES. Freezes at the middle or end of most higher stakes games. Opponents can freeze a game by jumping off line for a moment. ... Doesn't play like it said. Can't you FIX IT so everyone gets a fair play ? Just ran a table for the FIRST TIME EVER. And not a coin.... CHEATER !!!!!!!!###!!!!!!!!
Mμhαммσđ Δгδhσď review Mμhαммσđ Δгδhσď
This is really an awesome and amazing game... I like it very much due to online multiplayer. I wish you to add another room of 100 m, with all balls must be potted by cusion shots... Also add another room of 500k for friend challange... The only problem is that this week I didn't get the prize of 55 cash even I was on 2nd position... Waiting for your reply... Thanks
arfian ritka review arfian ritka
This is the best game i've been play, i love the game and really enjoy it. But so many glitch on weekly competition. I finish first but i don't get the pool cash. It was happen to me twice. I really dissapointed i spend much time to get the top of league, but in the end cash doesn't come. I hope on the future it will not happen again to me and all player
Crazyplonker 01 review Crazyplonker 01
06/03/17 NOT HAPPY! I play this game all the time, love it but i signed in today and i'm very annoyed. I was 2nd in the ruby league with 400+million and top of my friends and i signed in today to get my weekly competition results/reward and it says "There are no results available since you didn't play last week". I would hope that someone sorts this out, it's not on. Please sort it out, it's not often i'm in the top 3 and one of the only times i do get there, you rob me of it. P.s. I love the 9 ball mode, that's the only reason i've started getting a decent amount of money, also a snooker mode in the future might be something to look into, this is by far the most fun pool game in the app store.
I dont like how the shot time clock seems to run 2 to 3xs as fast as when Im playing the computer generated opponents. Also when adjusting my shot angle often it will automatically make a shot, way head before I have set up my shot. On the breaks more times then not no balls seem to drop. When opponent breaks they are more opt to drop at least one if not several balls. A bit frustating. But I guess thats aps for ya.
William Paterson review William Paterson
Great game. Just need to stop the cheating. 3 minute time limit not great in tournament mode.
David Dennis review David Dennis
Not sure what is going on but 2 games I played in Vegas and won but didn't receive my coins and the last game I played was supposed to be in Vegas but was the London table with Vegas rules. It wouldn't really bother me but I am paying with real money and I don't see anyplace to report problems. Getting kind of agrevated with it lately. I do enjoy it when it is working right.
This is a great game & a great way to pass the time. Being layed up not able to do anything it has kept me from losing my mind. Thanks
The White Biryani review The White Biryani
Best pool game of the world beyond any doubt.. Ball movement, reflexes, reactions all perfect.. I just wish they'd include a 'save replay' option so if one plays a very good frame it can be saved to watch later. You could even share it with your friends it'll be so much fun.
Awais Farooqi review Awais Farooqi
Weekly winnings not given I'm furious
8 ball support team please help local play 8 ball pool on a daily basis but since two weeks on every weekly result it says I didn't play last week please help me
Samy Mohamed review Samy Mohamed
What about make a challenges between 1st and 2nd in league ..... and make us can challenge with our friends with more than 50000
Shahriar K M review Shahriar K M
I want a legendary cue
I love this games
Gabrielle Appolis review Gabrielle Appolis
Love it
You get to play with people online you can also see how good you can play
Dokkiro Emakka review Dokkiro Emakka
Connection from WiFi to 4G problem
Best pool game ever. It's almost better than most real world pool tables in physics. Collecting all the cues may not be your goal(I have too many never been used). but you must choose one affordable cue and advanced to better cue. Spend the money to get legendary cues. Cost of battery on legendary cues are free unlike others that cost arms and legs. Plus you'll get refunds for however many legendary cues you possess X 5%. 10 legendary cues will only cost you half the bet.
Khawaja Abdulrehman review Khawaja Abdulrehman
Nice game
Good game

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