91 Launcher Pro- smooth theme APK

91 Launcher Pro- smooth theme
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91 Launcher :Say no to the same old default launcher
91 Launcher :Say no to the plain bored phone interface
91 launcher is a desktop that has massive themes, HD wallpapers and personalized interface. We are committed to bringing you a personalized phone experience that is more fun and interesting. We are doing this with simple, convenient, efficient systems that learn from your usage habits. It is smarter、slimmer、lighter.

1)Perfect personalized experience

【Themes】Provide high quality and collected free themes to download. Nine themes categories, easy to find and set your favorite themes. Daily updated best themes, there must be your favorite themes. Weekly theme shows that surprise you every week;hot themes list, beautiful themes and constantly updated background styles,Hundreds of designers to design best themes, tons of free themes that can make your desktop more interesting and personalized.

【Wallpapers】Massive free HD Wallpapers, a total of 7000 + fine textured HD wallpapers, HD landscape wallpaper, HD cartoon wallpaper, HD cute pet wallpaper, etc. Click on liked HD wallpapers to set up background. In addition,91 launcher also adds shuffle feature to change HD wallpapers, provide best wallpaper,most HD wallpapers, best HD backgrounds. Local management wallpaper, to apply or delete backgrounds. Simple, efficient, convenient wallpaper gallery that enables you to change personalized wallpapers easily.

【3D Touch】3D Touch brings a new dimension of your phone experience.
You'll marvel at the beautiful rollover effect and the colorful way the screen reacts to your touch while your phone remains smooth and responsive.3D Touch has four major categories, a variety of special effects, 3D Touch gives you a different visual experience, 3D Touch makes your phone more exciting.

【Weather】A general comprehension of weather information.
Well-prepared with real-time weather reports and accurate forecasts.

2) Slimmer methods to make the phone more fluid, more lightweight

【1 Tap Cleaner】A single tap cleans your phone and boosts its speed.
The operation of one-tap helps you clean your phone’s memory, stop unwanted background processes and lift your phone’s speed, make the system more slim.

【91 know】Know what you want to know
weather, news, everything you need is at fingertips.

【Quick Search】Quick search widgets enhance your acquaintance to global hotspots.
Make searching easier by making everything searchable.

【Power Manager】Power-saving management helps you extend the standby time.
The most smooth、stable and saving utility that cleans power-consuming apps intelligently. Make the system more slim and raise the efficiency of mobile phones.

【Privacy】Hidden folders provides you a secure private space.
One tap locks away your secret world from prying eyes.

【Gesture Control】The fastest and simplest way to perform your phone.
[Quick Search] Swipe up
[91 know] Swipe down
[Main menu edit] Press and hold the screen
[Preview] close two fingers.

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Amico Basilio review Amico Basilio
Very good!
The ui is very pleasing to the eyes, one issue only is it does not recognize my phone as rooted even if its really rooted from the moment i bought it and rooted it in 1 click !
Albert Ekpo review Albert Ekpo
This is the best app I have used so far on goggle play store. Neat app, easy to surf through. Loved it
worst app
every time we open app open on back
Mike Hollowell review Mike Hollowell
Things run pretty smooth but don't see s big difference
Bijay Kumar Sahoo review Bijay Kumar Sahoo
I like this launcher app very much
It totally changed your phone but it looks really cool after
A'ishah Fresses review A'ishah Fresses
Themes are not working. My icons went to default and not by the theme I apply. Please fix!
دیه لوس نشو پنچ ستاره دادیم
Merrick Knibb review Merrick Knibb
Best and most stylish launcher app
It does what it promised and then gives you some pleasant extras. Always discovering more positively attractive and very sexy features. I think this is the best launcher ever.
Chris Brown review Chris Brown
Big pile of poo....ad's take over phone....dont do it
Zinn Empire review Zinn Empire
It's awesome theme really liked it ???
masoud ahmadinasab77 review masoud ahmadinasab77
بنظرم از لحاظ ساپورت و خلاقیقت حرف اول رو بین تمام لنچرهای آندروید میزنه امتحانش ضرری ندار دوستان
از این بهتر نمیشه
David A Kayz review David A Kayz
Good and easy to use
this app is very good and easy to use i recommend it to all thank you…
Zing Zing amazing...