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96% Quiz
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Do you need a fun engaging game for moments of boredom or waiting? Play 96% Quiz, most popular free game of recent months!

96% Quiz is a Q&A type of game consisting many various categories. Beside those classic ones such as geography, biology and history you’ll answer questions about food, TV series, car brands or gossip. And it’s not all yet!

96% Quiz is a collection of over 500 questions answered by respondents. Can you guess the right answer? You will be surprised. Respondents often answer in less obvious way than you may think. That is why 96% Quiz can be difficult sometimes and is so engaging.

Play 96% Quiz – an awsome family game for everybody: girls, boys, grownups and kids which was inspired by famous TV quiz shows such as Family Feud, Jeopardy or Who wants to be a Millionaire. Answer to hundreds of original questions with a few types of answers such as yes or no, true or false and more.

96% Quiz APK reviews

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James Sparks review James Sparks
Przyjemna, można sobie pogłówkowac, ale po czasie staje się monotonna.
Asia review Asia
Gabriel Mazurek review Gabriel Mazurek
Znalazlem sposob Na unlimited money. Gdy mamy jakies pytanie zrobione do konca to w nie wchodzimy wylaczamy ekran I koniec
Lord Mitsu review Lord Mitsu
Jak zawsze spam reklam
Kuba Brzostek review Kuba Brzostek
Dałbym 4 i pół, ale bliżej do 4 niż do 5
Maciek Moczadło review Maciek Moczadło
Super tytuł. Polecam też po angielsku wiele można się nauczyć. :)
Małgorzata Merta review Małgorzata Merta
czekam na nowe poziomy 👍
kuba denysiuk review kuba denysiuk
Beznadziejna, niedomyślna aplikacja
I like this game.
Bart B review Bart B
Szafka review Szafka
Moze byc 2/10
Aleksander Styła review Aleksander Styła
Powiem wprost. Chujowe
Paulina Balcerkiewicz review Paulina Balcerkiewicz
Dawid Kochan review Dawid Kochan
Tendencje pytania, kiepski algorytm porównania odpowiedzi.
Mateusz Kraszewski review Mateusz Kraszewski
Jednak masa tu bezsensownych skojarzeń