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Loved by 9 million users, A+ Gallery is literally world’s BEST photo gallery app for your Android phone. You don’t have to make any trade-off because A+ Gallery is BETTER than any other apps in EVERY aspect.

Fast, fast, and fast
A+ Gallery is the fastest app for viewing HD photos, search photos and managing albums.

A beautiful and simple user interface
Combining the beautiful look of material design and the simplicity of iPhone style design philosophy, we made the app a great pleasure to look at and to use. Enjoy the best part from both worlds in one app.
Customise your gallery with a big collection of beautiful themes.

Automatically organise your photos
Your photos and videos are automatically organized by when and where you take them.
See your photos and videos by where you take them in the map view.

Create and manage photo albums
Organise your photos and videos by creating albums, setting your favourite albums and hiding unnecessary albums.
Perfect support for multiple SD card. Create albums in any of the external SD cards.

Search photos or videos by date, location and even image color
Your photos are now searchable by when and where you take them, and by image color.
Searching photos in A+ Gallery works without internet connection, and is lightning fast.

Hide your private photos in a password locked secure vault
Protect your privacy. Move photos and videos you want to keep secret to the secure vault. The hidden photos and videos won't be visible in the system gallery and all other apps. Only you can see the photos by entering the password.

Access all your online photos from one Gallery
If you get photos from Facebook/Dropbox/Amazon Cloud Drive, you can view and manage all those photos from A+ Gallery. Managing these photos is just as easy as managing photos in your phone.

Sync and backup photos
No matter you want to back up photos to Dropbox, or download a Facebook album to your phone, or you want a photo album and a Dropbox album to stay synchronised, A+ Gallery help you set that up in a few clicks.

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+AGalleryLock
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/a.plus.photo.gallery/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/a_photo_gallery

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A+ Gallery - Photos & Videos APK reviews

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bryan cardenas review bryan cardenas
I really like the style for it but i can't seem too delete any photos cause my phone is not on 5.0 or higher and i cant update my phone please try to change that setting
Theo Tang review Theo Tang
I love this app! No ads and simple to use. What more do you want?
Grace Duncan review Grace Duncan
A +Gallery
I really love this A+Galley App! If u want photo and video gallery app this is the one to get!
ajinkya kulkarni review ajinkya kulkarni
Best gallery application for my op2
best application smooth scrolling fast loading images and videos
Myke S review Myke S
I will give it five stars for functionality but useless for me without Google support hope for a future release.
Neil C review Neil C
Nice idea but too slow to resolve pixels
Decent functionality but it takes several seconds to go from pixelated to sharp, too annoying to use. Doesn't seem to retain the sharp version even when you look at the same image a minute later. Uninstalling.
Misty McDivitt review Misty McDivitt
Cannot sync any Fb albums
It repeatedly states to "try again later", yet it never works. And it definitely doesn't display all my Fb albums when choosing a folder to sync. Photos are viewed in very low quality, even the ones taken with my FujiFilm camera, which is odd. I'm not 100% happy with it, but it's not terrible so there's that.
Keshav Moorthy review Keshav Moorthy
Syncing does not work...Pls fix issue
Aysha Seema review Aysha Seema
its awesome
this app is really but sometimes its hangs!!!!!
Jacques Loots review Jacques Loots
Great app
I recommend this to everyone that thinks the old gallery app is shitty!
Frank Valerio review Frank Valerio
Beautiful gallery.
A perfect replacement for QuickPic, beautifully designed and easy to navigate.
Riley Hackett review Riley Hackett
Love this app!
Tried them all, and this one is the best. Only thing is I can't seem to change my home screen wallpaper from the app.
Debbie Fuller review Debbie Fuller
Can't see photos
I cant view any of my photos. Why is this.
Tony Doulgeridis review Tony Doulgeridis
Great app!...Only one thing I cant figure out, on the share via link some photos bring up the error "no apps can perform this action" but other pics no problem...Tried everything, I think its a bug???
Edward K Lewandowski review Edward K Lewandowski
It's nice
And I would use if was G+/Picasa was supported , Chromecast would also be great.