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Loved by 9 million users, A+ Gallery is literally world’s BEST photo gallery app for your Android phone. You don’t have to make any trade-off because A+ Gallery is BETTER than any other apps in EVERY aspect.

Fast, fast, and fast
A+ Gallery is the fastest app for viewing HD photos, search photos and managing albums.

A beautiful and simple user interface
Combining the beautiful look of material design and the simplicity of iPhone style design philosophy, we made the app a great pleasure to look at and to use. Enjoy the best part from both worlds in one app.
Customise your gallery with a big collection of beautiful themes.

Automatically organise your photos
Your photos and videos are automatically organized by when and where you take them.
See your photos and videos by where you take them in the map view.

Create and manage photo albums
Organise your photos and videos by creating albums, setting your favourite albums and hiding unnecessary albums.
Perfect support for multiple SD card. Create albums in any of the external SD cards.

Search photos or videos by date, location and even image color
Your photos are now searchable by when and where you take them, and by image color.
Searching photos in A+ Gallery works without internet connection, and is lightning fast.

Hide your private photos in a password locked secure vault
Protect your privacy. Move photos and videos you want to keep secret to the secure vault. The hidden photos and videos won't be visible in the system gallery and all other apps. Only you can see the photos by entering the password.

Access all your online photos from one Gallery
If you get photos from Facebook/Dropbox/Amazon Cloud Drive, you can view and manage all those photos from A+ Gallery. Managing these photos is just as easy as managing photos in your phone.

Sync and backup photos
No matter you want to back up photos to Dropbox, or download a Facebook album to your phone, or you want a photo album and a Dropbox album to stay synchronised, A+ Gallery help you set that up in a few clicks.

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+AGalleryLock
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/a.plus.photo.gallery/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/a_photo_gallery

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Lucian Brancovean review Lucian Brancovean
App was basically unusable. Displayed no thumbnails for pictures. I put some pics in protected vault, then could not access them, kept getting the busy circle.
This app is great. Thanks to developer... But when we open the any album it contains ads upgrade to pro, which kind of annoying...
Rigas M Sherief review Rigas M Sherief
I lost my money when tried to upgrade ..
Betty Jean Yoachum review Betty Jean Yoachum
It okay
Abdal Muqtadir review Abdal Muqtadir
its good for nothing, it doesn't have copying and moving options
Susan Copple review Susan Copple
Best gallery app in the play store! Too bad it's not for iphones
Joey Upadhyay review Joey Upadhyay
Two things: 1) you have to download photos to view them, and 2) it's a little slow. It's still the best out there though because it takes up very little storage.
Ibrahim Albashrawi review Ibrahim Albashrawi
The app is clean and fast but its full of ads and the free version lacks basic functionalities like viewing recycle bin!!
It's not good
OMG in love wif this app....
Lana Simon review Lana Simon
Its ok I just download it today and rate it
Larry Frascarelli review Larry Frascarelli
A+ Gallery is now my "go-to" gallery app. It's very fast and readily updates when photos are removed, modified or added. The various views (day/month/year/folder/cloud are very useful and convenient. The permissions are not draconian. After Quickpic had been sold and the new owners changed how it functioned (compromised it) I was on-the-hunt for a replacement app. A+ Gallery filled the bill, and in my opinion, is now superior to Quickpic—and even better than the original version of Quickpic. Five thumbs up ?????????? for A+ Gallery..
Shenedda Gaston review Shenedda Gaston
To many adds and to many concent to privacy before it works . Just to intrusive for a picture app.
Maggie Wildash review Maggie Wildash
Just downloaded it & possibly I'm a bit dense but I'm having probs finding out exactly how many $ this will cost per mth and/or yr. Plus I need to be assured what amount I'll continually be charged either on a monthly or yearly basis. I've been sucked in previously thinking all fees were made clear & ledgeable until far more $ than any amount actually stated were disappearing from my account. Now I'm ultra suss.
Ashlei Wilson review Ashlei Wilson
So far i really like the app. I haven't gotten to do too much yet but i will im sure.