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Simplest notes application.

A-to-Z (A to Z) Notes is a type of notes archive (we also call it reference), with simple, yet highly effective grouping system: all the notes are added to a Letter of an Alphabet.
This way, you can easily find your note, months after you put it there, enough that you know what it is about. We used to have such system on PC, applied as part of the GTD, in the form of folder/files.

Free, with unobtrusive ads :).

Application is not as advanced in terms of design and functions, as other note taking apps, but that was not the aim of it.

UI is very convenient, simple, just all u need to quickly write-n-go.

Please, write any questions/suggestions/bugs to [email protected], or http://andtek.blogspot.com.

A-to-Z Notes with notes sorted by their first letter.

A-to-Z Notes Free APK reviews

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Lisa Kraby review Lisa Kraby
The only thing I am worried about with this app is that when I go to backup, it says error during backup. I have no idea what to do and I'm terrified that I will lose all my notes if my phone crashes. I would appreciate some help.
Daniel Hunt review Daniel Hunt
Love the app, and would upgrade to 5 stars but i can't attach photos, which is a big shame. The app crashes each time i try? Other than that it does everything i need.
tom hancock review tom hancock
I love this app i use it daily at work me and my friend also is there a way i can send the list i have to him?
Wade Welsh review Wade Welsh
This is an excellent app, after upgrading my device I was unable to restore the last backup on my old device, when I try to backup or restore I get a message indicating error during backup when I try doing a restore the list is blank any help will be appreciated
Donald Guadagnolo review Donald Guadagnolo
Love this app everything is in here, can back it it up on computer
Yes, we all make little notes on our phones for those just in case moments, but I don't want to open up my notes and I have to scroll through all of them to find what I'm searching for. If I search alphabetically for the notes... That just makes life so much easier, don't you think??? If it had mayb a widget for those quick note leaving moments, I would give you an extra star... Take the hint while it's still hotttt...
subramanian venkatachalam review subramanian venkatachalam
Sir, 5 stars for your version. Considering the present trend , keep facility for uploading to Cloud . Users will not mind paying for improved version. After all you are putting forth your best brains and lots of precious time.
Haresh A. Raichura review Haresh A. Raichura
I would prefer version without Ads
Angie Cameron review Angie Cameron
This is a great fee app. Just what I was looking for. Ads do not annoy. Thanks for developing
Caryn Goodrich review Caryn Goodrich
This app will not load when you need it most.
Gh nabi Kumar review Gh nabi Kumar
Really good but i dont need
karen haig review karen haig
Good app....would be better with password protection. ..
A Google user review A Google user
Chris M review Chris M
Have been using this app for at least a year and it's been the best for keeping bits of important info all in one place! Would've given 5+ stars until you changed the look of the alphabet! Making the letters gray on gray doesn't work as well as the old letters with better contrast but you can keep them bold. Hope this makes sense!!!
Carol Johnson review Carol Johnson
I complained (hopefully with a little bit of courtesy) about an update to the program, was asked to describe the problem - I could not "share" my notes - and was told they would see if an adjustment would be possible with the next update. They have and I love it. I am impressed.