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ACCTV aims to inspire and share good stories about hope, life and the things God is doing in the world through engaging television.

ACCTV is Australian-based, and delivers a wide range of movies, popular TV series, teaching programs, kids’ shows, documentaries and much more. ACCTV aims to inspire, to offer hope and to celebrate story on any screen, anytime and anywhere.

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ACCTV APK reviews

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Ricky E review Ricky E
Great new app. chromecast added, but does not work on Android - Samsung tablet, only shows instructions screen
It's better on my computer no ads before video
Kenan Jasarević review Kenan Jasarević
Awesome design!
Luke Stephens review Luke Stephens
Hi! Love Acctv. But please please add proper Chromecast ability! Thanks
A Google user review A Google user
It's better on my computer no ads before video
A Google user review A Google user
Thank you Jesus for acctv what a blessing to have this at our liberty good clean inspiring movies shows documentaries etc thank you God
Shane Bentley review Shane Bentley
Just shows a black screen
Neil O'Shannassy review Neil O'Shannassy
Good family entertainment.
Gareth Barnes review Gareth Barnes
Love the app and ACCTV!!! Such a brilliant alternative to mainstream tv - full of family-friendly, uplifting stories, movies and general content. Thanks team!
the Newbery's review the Newbery's
ACCTV is the best app on my android tv box. Great family friendly viewing!
Melanie Newbery review Melanie Newbery
It's great to have something good to watch for a change!
Matt Bodman review Matt Bodman
Simple, no bugs. Some great content
Mark Lemmons review Mark Lemmons
Great app, love ACCTV!
Donna Bootes review Donna Bootes
Fantastic app what a blessing
Zack Venz review Zack Venz