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Achikaps is a simple economic strategy.

- Easy to learn
- Campaign and sandbox modes
- Simple UI
- Smooth animations

Achikaps APK reviews

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Frans Grotepass review Frans Grotepass
Cool game. Reminiscent of xbattle
Jack Evans review Jack Evans
I really like it well done I have a few suggestions (1 add the spawn thing that makes triangles that attack but on your side (2 make the enemy build the building's that you make but it should maybe be a mode selection for the enemy (3 make another mode were you can control what the enemy does like a two player system but it's not two player it's still one player but you build things for the enemy and...I can't think of anything else these are just three things that might make the game better although the game is already great :D anyway I love the game a lot so seeing updates brings a smile to my face good job and have a nice day
RJ Zipper review RJ Zipper
I love it
Anthony Sanchirico review Anthony Sanchirico
I love the game and I have a few suggestions. 1. Enemy Gatling guns would be more of an obstical if they could shoot down my new fancy bombers. 2. If the enemy had to build infrastructure like the players do, the game would feel more fair and the bombers would have prime targets. It would be interesting to battle over control over metal mines with the enemy. 3. I'd really like another option for the enemy bases to be the only source of enemy drones. it felt like I was lied to when I destroyed the enemy base and more drones started attacking me on all sides from the outskirts of the map instead of my defensive line. 4.intercepted units would be pretty cool if you could work our those mechanics too. You're a really good game designer, and I hope you can continue to be for a long time to come. ☺?
Jack Fisher review Jack Fisher
Great game but just recently for some reason the map expanded and than shrunk causing some things to go out of bounds. also got a Java exception or some other error, leaves me with a blank screen
Chanticleer Guitarra review Chanticleer Guitarra
Updated to version 1.16. Still amazing! The gameplay has greatly improved and become more challenging and complex! I'm sending you a tiny bug report by the way. My suggestion would be to make houses and other modules produce waste too. Overall, GREAT job!
Robert White review Robert White
Yiotro just became my favorite game developer. Offering really fun games without adds or in-app purchases (not to mention free) like Achikaps is something you don't find very often. These are all the qualities I look for in games, so I'm a loyal Yiotro-ite from here on out. Thanks for the fun!
Alex Wan review Alex Wan
The carriers are so bad at making chewing gum. They carry the resources and take it away again. Bonkers.
Keith Engwall review Keith Engwall
This is a great indie economic sim / strategy game. There are a few rough edges, but the kind of planning and thinking required is quite refreshing. Managing cities under siege is fun.
Ryan Velasco review Ryan Velasco
For a game so simple it works great. Easy to learn and fun. I can only say I got bored when I play too long because of its simplicity. Still recommend playing it because its fun.
Max Mascini review Max Mascini
Really wonderful game Question for the developer: do you have plans to make a multiplayer version of the game? I think it would make a really nice multiplayer strategy game. You could add airports that make ships on a timer - similar to Achipato. Thanks for this wonderful game and keep developing! I'm patiently waiting for the Achikaps Pro so I can show my support :)
George Chibiryack review George Chibiryack
This is one of the very few games that are not copying sad templates of cancerous "mobile game design". It's a very fine management game. The author doesn't get carried away and stays on point delivering a very well crafted experience. Would have played it on a PC, if it was possible. It's a mobile game but not in a sense that it's somehow a lesser game from a weak breed as it usually happens with other mobile games. It's the game that gives me hope that it's possible to see quality games on mobile devices. Play it! Buy it! You owe yourself that if you're tired of the match three dominion that is mobile market.
Yazz Atlas review Yazz Atlas
Love it! Now if I could only get past level 59. I get one unit away and it then just jumps up to a new goal. What gives?
Robert Whiteley review Robert Whiteley
The game is good. However there are a few bugs. The game also freezes and crashes sometimes. This could be fixed. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5.
Kind of a good time waster, but I wish the metal deposits in sandbox mode were limitless.