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Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most reliable, free global standard document management system available. View, edit, sign, and annotate PDF documents by working directly on the text.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free global standard for reliably viewing, signing, and commenting on PDF documents.

• Quickly open and view PDF documents.
• Search, scroll, and zoom in and out.
• Choose Single Page or Continuous scroll mode.

• Comment on PDFs directly using sticky notes and drawing tools.
• Annotate documents easily with highlights and markup texts.
• View and respond to activity in the comments list.

• Access shared documents quickly. Simply view, review, sign and send.
• Collaborate with others by adding your comments to shared PDFs.
• Receive activity notifications for files you’ve shared.
• Track pending actions for documents shared with you.
• Sharing PDFs is made effortless. Create links you can send by email.

• Access scanned PDFs that you’ve captured using the free Adobe Scan app.
• Upload and sign documents. Open your scans in Acrobat Reader to fill, sign, review, and share.

• Easily fill out and sign PDF forms and other documents by typing text into fields.
• PDF form filler feature lets you use your finger or stylus to add an e-signature to any document.

• Sign into your free Adobe Document Cloud account to store and access files across devices.
• Star files to keep important documents at your fingertips.
• Connect to your Dropbox account and access other storage providers including Google Drive.
• Print documents directly from your device.

• Access PDFs and other files stored on your Google Drive with ease.
• Create, view, edit, combine, compress, export, share, and star Google Drive files directly in Acrobat Reader.

Subscribe for even more PDF power. Subscriptions work across mobile and web.
• Organize and edit PDFs.
• Create PDF files from documents or images.
• Export PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
• Compress PDFs to reduce file size.
• Combine files into one PDF.
• Protect PDFs with Password.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free PDF creator and document editor allows you to easily convert JPG files to PDF format and create and sign fillable PDF forms. Add your e-signature to shared documents and send them to colleagues for fast, efficient and paperless collaboration.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a Microsoft Intune supported partner app and accommodates multiple identities.

Terms & Conditions: Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use and the Adobe Privacy Policy

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Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator APK reviews

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Sam Guilo review Sam Guilo
Hope you enable pdf printing.
Martín Máspero review Martín Máspero
Can't mark text in reflow mode, please fix it!
Sharif Kasam review Sharif Kasam
Good app
surya prakash review surya prakash
enigma12140 review enigma12140
Why I have to always click on the comment cloud and then additionally click open ? Who came up with this? I do not like to have all my comments displayed on the right side. Please give me an option how to display my comments without opening a side bar with all of them. I just need for the app to click the yellow comment cloud and open the comment i a window, click off the comment and the window will be closed. Please i love the app, it is simple, clean but this really thing with displaying the comments is really annoying. Thank you for this app?
Jason Lim review Jason Lim
Images might take a second or so to load while scrolling through pages. When highlighting in landscape, sometimes the pop up window will cover up the text selector and you'll have to start over. Suggest to make the note taking window semi transparent so that we can see what's behind while typing out the note.
Ahmed Radwan review Ahmed Radwan
I'm begging to you Adobe, redesign your night made, it's too dark
Ryan Yule review Ryan Yule
There was a recent update in the format in which you insert comments. This update is a step backwards as before if i had made a mistake i could go back in to the comment and edit it but now it only allows you to change colour, text or delete. So now if you write a paragraph and make a mistake you can no longer correct that mistake, you need to delete the comment and type it all out again. Pain in the ***
Muhammad Naveed review Muhammad Naveed
Good but arabic font arenot displayed properly???if you can fix it please!!!
Kim Oldfield review Kim Oldfield
No obvious way to hide space consuming tool bars on top and bottom. It turns out that a single top of the document will hide or show the toolbars.
ASH! [AshThaPro] review ASH! [AshThaPro]
Think by now this app should have a read aloud (text to speech) option.
Sanjay sagar review Sanjay sagar
It would be better if u add an option to open multiple PDF files at the same time . A tab view like in browsers it could facilitate multiple PDF opening . If there is a link between two PDF and u can't simultaneously browse through both files it is very much difficult to go back from a file and open next one .It would be easier if we can open two files at the same time and use tabs to switch from one file to another . Exactly the method used in mobile browsers like Chrome Firefox Please give this option in an upcoming update
Gerald Masiu review Gerald Masiu
Pretty problems so far ?
Considerably slower as compared to Google's own viewer. Also, no dark theme (the PC iteration has got one).
Basic needs review Basic needs
Works well with all types of docs