Advanced Battery Calibrator APK

Advanced Battery Calibrator
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There are well known problems with Android OS and the reported maximum battery capacity. This maximum battery capacity is used by android OS to know when the battery is fully charged.

Advanced Battery calibrator will fix this problems and make Android OS see your real battery capacity allowing it to be charged to its real full capacity.

Advanced Battery Calibrator works specially well with its sister app "Battery Life Repair" and it has been designed to take full advantage of it by sharing information between both applications. If you want to keep your battery healthy use both applications and take advantage of its integration.

Calibrate your battery today with the top one application on the store and experiment a real improvement on your battery.

Advanced Battery Calibrator APK reviews

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Dominic Martin review Dominic Martin
Good App
I use it!
Sri Ratna Dewi review Sri Ratna Dewi
I love it, thank you
Peter Linklater review Peter Linklater
Seems like it works. You'd get 5 stars from me except for the fact that you are forced to install an app or game to complete the calibration. I had to install a 66 MB game that i didn't want just to "finish" using your product. Oh well. Now to charge the battery, restart, and uninstall that damn game!
Tim Kovalcheck review Tim Kovalcheck
Won't let you run it not less you have internet connection. The internet does not fix your battery whoever came up with this app you must have rocks four brains.
Brandon Ledbetter review Brandon Ledbetter
Doesn't work can't get past information pop up.
When your information pop up telling me to download one of your free applications before you'll do anything doesn't even work the "yes" link is dead and does nothing and this is the same on your other application as well. Good Heavens if you're going to force somebody to do something at least do it correctly.
toto' le moko' review toto' le moko'
A bit early to say. Hopefully it will deserve
Joei a. review Joei a.
It works great.
Dyllan Wade review Dyllan Wade
It is a great app to use it really works
Wiley Harris review Wiley Harris
Simple but not easy
They say it's fixed, but now I have to shut it down and wait until it's at 100 % Then it should work. I hope it does, if not I will be back
Malek Eljerdi review Malek Eljerdi
Great app. Works well
Jody Cooper review Jody Cooper
Wow, this really worked and free: amazing!
Samsung Note 3 (2+ years old)
Nilesh Bhoir review Nilesh Bhoir
Nice app.
Alf Haywood review Alf Haywood
After update works in marshmallow
Working great now thanks for updating
Victor Parlindungan review Victor Parlindungan
Kevin Wanczyk review Kevin Wanczyk
Wow! What a difference, even unrooted!
Was skeptical upon initial read but after great reviews decided to give it a try and was blown away by how much it has increased the longevity of my battery life. 4 hours used to put it down to around 70% and now i am at 92%. Great app!