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Updated English service for improvements.
Go live, watch videos, and support your streamers on your AfreecaTV App.

Choose from a variety of contents from social eating, singing, and dancing
to our featured eSports streams like GSL and much more!

Streaming made easy

On AfreecaTV, you can easily stream on your laptop, desktop, and android devices.

With diverse settings available to you at any time, any place via Wi-Fi & mobile network, you can stream and socially interact with people from all around the globe!

Other features include:
+Watch on the go via player and radio mode
+Stream with your front and back camera
+Diverse stream quality options
+Real-time chat with streamers
+Send creative and fun emoticons
+Standby mode for connectivity issues
+Alerts when your favorite streams go live
+QuickView item to watch add-free streams and enter full rooms
+Become a fan club member and VIP for exclusive perks
+Conveniently search for your preferred content and events
+Organize favorite live streams and videos

AfreecaTV is an interactive platform that connects you with the world and your surroundings.

It can make your dreams and hobbies into an occupation, and enables you to freely share your experiences with others!

Having any problems with the app?
Contact us via [email protected]

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Jae-Cheol Han review Jae-Cheol Han
다 좋은데 왜이렇게 업데이트가 많나? 안그래도 핸드폰에 용량 없어서 죽겠는데
Kim Dongho review Kim Dongho
해외에서 한국방송 못보게 막는 이유가 뭐죠? 유저 유입을 스스로 막는게 이해가 안되네요. 리뷰는 절대 안읽으시나봐요 피드백 1도 없네요. 이러니까 트위치 유투브로 다 넘어가지. 빨리망하세요.
Aaron Tae review Aaron Tae
Eugene Lee review Eugene Lee
해외에서는 보이는 방송이 별로 없네요
Quynh My review Quynh My
Its an korean app so it is obvious that there is no English setting, therefore I think they should add more languages?
안무진 review 안무진
돈프리카 왜 4000k가 최대냐
Twinkies review Twinkies
I cant upgrade any apps. Its trash.
조승우 review 조승우
Fuking leg and app down holy fuking app
김영애 review 김영애
정말로 다 좋은데요....네이버, 페이스북, 구글 등으로도 로그인할수 있으면 좋겠어요....그것만 되면 진짜 짱입니다!!
Mi3 Nexon review Mi3 Nexon
nice app
D Wilhelm review D Wilhelm
Too many permissions.
js wesley lee review js wesley lee
Trash platform
I haven't ever seen like this platform.
A Google user review A Google user
No idea why a video streaming app needs permissions to make phone calls and read my contacts.
min shin review min shin
해외아프리카와 merged되면서 All menu가 없어진것 같은데 한국방송 보려고 아프리카 받은거지 미국에 사는 2~3명 보는 비제이 방송 보려고 받은게 아니에요; 뭐때문에 없앤건진 알겠는데 설정으로 필요에따라 다시 생기게 업뎃 부탁드립니다. 너무 답답하네요.
Lee Joon review Lee Joon
아수스 태블릿 시청불가..
아수스 미모패드7 시청불가..영어버전,다음팟은 잘 시청되는데 이건 왜 안되죠??