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Unite the powers of men and gods to protect Ancient Greece from Xerxes' invasion!

Join a compelling strategy game with a unique and intense combat system and thousands of players for you to ally with… or conquer. This isn’t just a war, THIS… IS… AGE OF SPARTA!

- Xerxes thinks Greece will surrender? HA! Fight back in strategic battles.
- Call upon Zeus’s thunderous might and Hades’ dark wrath to purge foes from the battlefield.
- Unleash legions of unique units, including mythical monsters & beasts.
- Get pulled into the action with amazingly animated combat scenes.

- Design a glorious city that you can customize with mighty barracks, majestic monuments and more.
- Honor the gods with Temples and Shrines so they can fuel your assault.

- Ally with players to form an unstoppable force and declare war on rivals.
- Socialize with friends and allies via the in-game chat.


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This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app.

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Age of Sparta APK reviews

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B Barger review B Barger
I've barely been able to make progress because the ad spam.. pretty much any time you touch the screen an ad pops up. it looks like (if you can play through the constant interruptions) you will face the typical slowdown of progression that will force you to buy tokens or just quit. surprised Gameloft has fallen so far tbh..
mario Lil jayy review mario Lil jayy
I been playing this game since 2015, that was on a Windows phone, now on Android it's still the same badass game in my life....i really like how it feels different from other strategy games. The graphics are extremely stunning. I gave it 4/5 because it's kind of hard to complete missions in time coz buildings take alot of time to finish.
Eli John review Eli John
This was a great game 3 years ago when i use to play, now theres so many hackers that its just horrible. My alliance was hacked, we were at war with an alliance that only had 1 lvl 99 guy in it! How the hell is that possible? And my alliance just had 3 peiple in it. Gameloft is suppose to deal with hackers. Just banned them all
Rahul Sharma review Rahul Sharma
This game is good, and it have internet connectivity problem, all the time it disconnected suddenly and this makes me irritate and angry.. good bye age of sparta fully waste of time??
Trentin Bach review Trentin Bach
You popped up an ad and I didnt even touch the screen and it took me to a website if the game does it again you're getting one star and Uninstalled.
Sydney Micheal review Sydney Micheal
Love it! Brilliant game and battles. Gems could of been generous when completing tasks.
A Google user review A Google user
This game is a historic recreation of the Romans Spartans, and it takes me back to them days, it's great fun!!
Jagan Jj review Jagan Jj
A Google user review A Google user
Ive been playing this game for 2 years off and on, it doesn't get old.
Prajwal Kalangutkar review Prajwal Kalangutkar
Good game but suddenly hangs .And I have to start from bigining
Charlie White review Charlie White
Keep getting annoying adds unrealistic and apparently the game this is that u know what u are doing at the start of the game!??????☠☠☠??
Golden Gummy review Golden Gummy
This really looks like what it would be in Greece. Best game ever!
seville black review seville black
Great game haven't played in a while went through a couple of phones and forgot all about it downloaded it the the other still had my progress
Bahruz Seyfullah review Bahruz Seyfullah
Легко играется. Хорошие подсказки направляют. Ингла бывают сбои по проигрыванию видео. Не понимаю что это и ставлю ок. Игра продолжается. Спасибо. Не останавливайтесь. Совершенствуйте!
Akshay Shetty review Akshay Shetty
Why it keeps saying no internet connection