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ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard
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ai.type is the smartest, most personalized keyboard for smartphones and tablets. With over 40 million users worldwide, we transform the messaging experience.

🎁 NEW!!! Select your font - Select the correct font for different messages!

Customized animated message, GIF, Sticker, support including one search for Emoji, Gif & Stickers at once!

Our app lets you type better and faster by learning your writing style, it allows you to customize and personalize your keyboard the way you like.

Feature-set highlights
Design keyboard layout, change themes, colors, fonts, use more than 800 emoji, and express yourself exactly the way you want to.

Thousands of free themes - Choose any of the free and attractive keyboard themes out of thousands available themes as part of our Theme Market.
Design and share your own theme - Design personalized layout (background, colors, fonts…), Share theme with friends and upload theme to our app Theme Market where millions of other users can see, rate and ⬇ download them.
Emoji Support - Enjoy our new Emoji scrollable layout helping you to easily navigate through 800 different emoji and more than 1000 graphical chars.
Auto suggested Emojis - Let us help and suggest the right 🙏 Emoji 😍 based on the words you use and context 🚄💑 🍩.
Next word prediction, completion & auto-correction - Context based next word prediction and auto-correction based on your own unique writing style. Auto prediction, available in more than 50 languages
Swipe - Write faster by swiping your finger from key to key.
Personalize - Select 🔧 your keyboard's look & feel, functionality and create your own custom keys & shortcuts. Set ANY image as your background image
Dynamically resize your keyboard size according to your needs.
Efficient top row.Use our top (5th) row to efficiently add numbers, punctuation and emoji, from within the primary keyboard screen.
On-keyboard search 🔎 - to help you find text instantly.
Voice Narration - Dictates 🔊 the words as you type them.
Privacy - Your privacy is our main concern. We will never share your data or learn from password fields. Text stays encrypted and private.

Language Support

Supports over 50 Languages including :
Arabic-العربية , English , Spanish-español , French-français , Russian-русский

Explanation of Permissions
Permission to read contacts database is needed to generate names based on contact list.
Permission to read SMS is needed to generate words based on SMS content.
All information is locally stored on smartphone’s vocabulary.

Support & Questions
Visit our Help & FAQ pages to find videos, answers & tips, and open a support request:
You can also send us an email to [email protected], or visit us on Facebook:

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ricky Marteen review ricky Marteen
Sexy keyboard but consumes more ram
A Google User review A Google User
Best keybaord ever
Youssif Ahmed review Youssif Ahmed
How to stop making in vibrate when I write letters
Travis McEndree review Travis McEndree
Feels laggy and cheap. I liked it at first but its not polished.
Rawan El Baoumi review Rawan El Baoumi
Welbehn Castro review Welbehn Castro
Loved it
Ali Alwejdany review Ali Alwejdany
Very friendly and easy use and helpful for amoteurs
Brandon Moore review Brandon Moore
Poor battery life and ads
Burhanuddin Shokat review Burhanuddin Shokat
Verry very very bed
No English prediction .only single star.
اسير الحب اليمني review اسير الحب اليمني
Jamal Abdalwahed review Jamal Abdalwahed
Love it
So smart keyboard nice
Ruben A. Salvatierra review Ruben A. Salvatierra
Very good
Muath Aljarrah review Muath Aljarrah
The best one
Really great app.
Ramin Rahnemoun review Ramin Rahnemoun
It's very very good بهترین صفحه کلید اندروید
Andrea McWatters Swinehart review Andrea McWatters Swinehart
I recommend this keyboard