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A Google user review A Google user
As soon as I open the book to read it, the screen goes black and obviously I can't use the app anymore. It used to work properly for a while.
Sumaya Habibulla review Sumaya Habibulla
I absolutely love this app but after the last upgrade I am unable to rotate the screen whilst reading, and that is a bit annoying. Please change that back in the next upgrade ?
Nogard review Nogard
Used this app on my long gone Samsung with android 3. And I am using it now. For some reason flipping pages used to be faster on my older android version and idk why. Otherwise, best book reading app.
Richard Hunter review Richard Hunter
The latest version is unuseable on my old Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. When you open a book the screen goes totally black and swiping up the left of the page does not affect the brightness. What an epic failure.
A Google user review A Google user
Update more stable than previous versions, but forced sound with adverts and inappropriate ads (dating ads with cleavage) are a real problem. Accept ads needed but these are too much.
Daniel Witteman review Daniel Witteman
Latest update has broken the brightness on the app. Please fix asap it is currently unusable.
jayakrishnan b review jayakrishnan b
Since last update, i cannot adjust the brightness while reading. At present, the brightness is set at the lowest possible settings which makes it very difficult to read under light
A Google user review A Google user
My app crashed when I try to fix brightness and now it wont let me open any book without crashing. I tried reinstalling but it just does same. FIX THIS !
Lewis Horwood review Lewis Horwood
Removing after years due to brightness issue. This has been ignored for way too long.
A Google user review A Google user
Unstalling now. The brightness cannot be adusted. It irritates the eyes.
This app is very slow. Sliding pages taking time to move. For Acsm files it is really slow and the images like book cover page and pictures will not be shown. Needs a lot of improvement
Harmanjeet Arora review Harmanjeet Arora
While I like this app, the main problem is syncing between devices. I almost sold my previous phone before transferring files from it to new one because I just assumed that this app would allow syncing.
Candace Garside review Candace Garside
Problem with dl'd books
I have been able to download this app again however i can't see any of the books i have downloaded to my aldiko on previous devices even though i have been signed into my aldiko account on both devices. Is this a bug or am i unable to do this? If i am unable to see previously downloaded books when i install on a new device and sign into my account what is the point of signing in?
Vivian Bothner review Vivian Bothner
Recent frustration
I've used this app for a while and like the way it works EXCEPT the book cover is blank white or black. Where is the cover photo and info that showed on the website when I bought the book?
TeenyStudio Flicks review TeenyStudio Flicks
Comfortable reader/bookshelf
I needed a easy to learn reliable app and Aldiko is that. I also wanted a clean low memory & maintenance app so I won't have to replace it any time soon. I just want to curl up with a good book! This app is perfect.

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