Angry Birds 2 APK reviews

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Kristi Webster review Kristi Webster
What's not to love??
This is an unnecessary statement: Angry Birds 2 is covered in Awesome Sauce. Carry on.
Alex Walker review Alex Walker
I am so addicted
Wasn't sure if they could make angry birds any better than the first, boy was I wrong totally AWESOME and as addictive as the first. The graphic are tops and the sound is fantastic keep the great job.
Chand Hassan review Chand Hassan
I love all of angry birds but this game not connecting with facebook please solve this problem
BAC0N B!TS review BAC0N B!TS
Definitely one of the best games I've played and one of the best mobile games out there. It builds off the original and improves it in every way. It deserves the millions of downloads it has. If you like the original, you'll love the sequel we've been waiting for, Angry Birds 2.
Ahmed Khan review Ahmed Khan
It's not open
When I open it gives to me downloading game data and number 2 from black to red colour and it not work after that please fix it an I'll give you 5 stars
Trevor Klassen review Trevor Klassen
Having limited lives made this game little fun. I played the other versions for hours, but now I can play 20 minutes before it has to regenerate
Alif Chowdhury review Alif Chowdhury
best angry birds version..just love it
its a awesome game with 200 over levels..the graphics are really good than other versions..newly added some spells which help to make the level easier..if anyone like angry birds game,then i highly recommend to play this version of angry birds. :)
James McClain review James McClain
No connection to Google account still. You won't fix it. This us third time telling you, so.......UNINSTALL. No more rovio for me. You guys suck.
Kris Burton-Shea review Kris Burton-Shea
Great update.
I don't see the issue with the lives? I personally struggle to go through my lives unless I'm having a bad session. I can get a good amount of levels the odd advert and play some arena. It is a casual game after all so putting it down for a couple of hours after half hour of play shouldn't be an issue. I dont buy gems and it hasn't stopped me competing in the top 3 of arena charts to date. I'd agree that if there is a fremium game produced there should be a version to buy outright though
maxkiller37 review maxkiller37
No syncing.
I was in level 100something and because I can't update the game due to no memory, I deleted it. Now I redownloaded it, signed in, back to level 1. Please help!
TheMysteryBoy 288890 review TheMysteryBoy 288890
Love the game but every time the early bird offer pops up i can't play. I press the x but it won't do anything. I have to exit out the game and play after ten minutes.
Suthirtha Das review Suthirtha Das
I'm loving it
its a really awesome game having a lots of fun playing it !!!! playing angry birds is always a great experience
Jay Lipchak review Jay Lipchak
I didn't really like the fact when I first started playing this game that you only got 5 lives, but then all of a sudden I am down to 3 lives. You want a better score get rid of the stupid lives.
Saumya Ghosh review Saumya Ghosh
Good game..but after passing some levels evry time needs update to play the next few after 4 updates game size is already crossed 150mb.plz fix this..
Raccoon Neko review Raccoon Neko
I LOVE this Game!! X3
I've been a Fan of Angry Birds ever since it came out, and too me I find the New one more better and Fun then the old ones(BUT, I STILL LOVE THE OLD ONES THOUGH). I always Play this Game 24/7. XD Oh, how much I LOVE Angry Birds~ ❤