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Stress Relief, anxiety relief relaxing games: pop it. Antistress relieve stress

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Version 1.5.1
Developer DobroApps
Category Apps, Entertainment
ID com.dobroapps.anti.stress
Requirements 5.1

Antistress Relaxing Games 1.5.1 APK description

Antistress Relaxing Games & Stress Relief is a calm game with stress relief games, satisfying relaxing games, anxiety relief games, pop it games, fidget toys 3d, chill games. This app about relieve stress and calming games. Anti Stress: Relaxing Games helps deal with everyday stress. Are you ready for the perfect game with fidget toys 3d? It is on of anti-stress and relaxing games to play when bored - pop it game, squishy, fidget, slime-simulator, bubbles, squishy, etc. Relaxing with the fun pop-it anxiety relief games! Antistress Relaxing Games & Stress Relief is a time killer fidget game about relaxing and calming games. Anti-stress games such as pop-it, slime simulator, squishy and other fidgets will help you calm down. Open Antistress & Stress Relief app and start playing antistress mini satisfying games pop it or other for stress-relief. It is perfect game for relaxing with fidget toys 3d!
Download Antistress Relaxing Games & Stress Relief pack and get rid of your stresses and relax now with calming games. When you need relaxation, anxiety relief, enjoy of satisfying toys: pop it toy, fidget, squishy, slime simulator, bubbles, asmr sounds.
Open Anti Stress: Relaxing Games and choose one of fidgets toys to relaxing play! Relax now with mini games of relaxation toys pop-it, slime, squishy and other games. Play one of the stress relaxing games and get calm with fidget toys 3d.

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Antistress Relaxing Games latest version

Antistress Relaxing Games & Stress Relief include:
- Pop it satisfying game! Pop-it anti-stress. Perfect game!
- Many satisfying games squishy! Calming games!
- Basketball. Hit the ball in the ring. Endless calming mini game.
- Quality relaxing sounds to relieve stress: rain sounds, relax melodies, train sounds. It is chill games!
- Classic dot and satisfying game. Сonnect the dots. Against Depression and Anxiety.
- Slime simulator. A lot of satisfying slime. Immerse yourself in the texture of bright slimes. Stress relief game.
- Bubbles. Pop bubbles and enjoy these calming game.
- Ping pong. This mini game perfectly stress-relief!
- Toy antistress games. Stretch satisfying antistress 3d.
- The purring cat. Stroke the cat and listen to the murmur. Real calming relaxation!
- Put the effervescent antistress candies into the glass and relax.
- A lot of satisfying balls on the screen. Great antistress calming game stress-relief especially pop it.
Enjoy listening to relaxing sounds and other fidget toys 3d: pop it, slime simulator, squishy, dot, color cubes, bubbles and other perfect games. Every calming game in this antistress relaxing game is anxiety relief.
You just need to download Antistress of relaxing games and enjoy the stress relief pop-it. Use our Antistress Relaxing Games & Stress Relief game to enjoy lots mini toys: pop it, fidget, squishy, etc. Enjoy anxiety relief perfect games!
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Download (63.78 MB)

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1.5.1 Bundles arm64_v8a_22017125.apk Android 5.1+ 2022-11-05 (6 months ago)
1.5.0 (2 variants) Universial Android 5.0+ 2022-01-22 (1 year ago)
1.4.3 (2 variants) Universial Android 5.0+ 2021-12-01 (1 year ago)
1.4.2 (4 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_16622302.apk Android 4.4+ 2021-07-19 (1 year ago)
1.4.1 Bundles arm64_v8a_16610014.apk Android 4.4+ 2021-06-22 (1 year ago)