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With AppForType you can add text on your photos. AppForType has 764 texts and 54 fonts, 20 of which are Cyrillic compatible. And we are constantly expanding our collection.

AppForType is:

- 37 sets containing 764 texts
- 54 fonts
- "Eraser" tool, which can hide part of a text
- sets for bloggers', photographers, moms and travelers

Artists from the USA, Canada and Russia cooperate with AppForType and expand collection of titles and fonts. To get inspiration and new ideas follow our profile on instagram @appfortype, and also post pictures with #appfortype hashtag. For feedback and suggestions please contact us on [email protected]

Sets available in the application shop: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Hello Spring, For Moms, Wedding, Motivation, Sport, Morning, Girl Power, Let’s Celebrate, For Makers, Cities, Brushes, Tea Time, Travel, Happy Monday, Coffee, Saint Petersburg, Cities of Russia, Unicorn, Love, Meow, Dream, Food is Love, Start Now, Home Sweet Home, Happy St Valentine, Happy 2017, Yoga, New Year 2018, Halloween, Surfing, Bloggers’

AppForType APK reviews

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Jean Jacinto review Jean Jacinto
It's very slow to load fonts. I've been wasting an hour waiting for it to be editable. It has good features, when you see the app previews in the google play, you will be caught and amazed, but when you are already using the app, all of your expectations were crampled.
Mild P. Kanj review Mild P. Kanj
I dont need to pay more for other font. All free is good for me. And now I didnt see any problem about this app 😍 This app makes my photo very cool!! ❤
marina etuci review marina etuci
Hey there just wanna report some bugs.. everytime i write a text i cannot turn back to the normal screen. Seems like the tick icon is gone or done icon is not there. It doesn't happened before. Kindly look at this matter thanks! The app is good.. ive Bought most of the fonts!thanks to the developer.
Steph Awy review Steph Awy
WOAHHH! you have to paid for the font too?! Are you Serious?! Who gonna use it if everything in this app have to paid? I downloaded this app is becuz you can use your own font but guess what, you have to paid..Wasted my data to download this app
Marshceline Chen review Marshceline Chen
I'm in love with the app and the fonts, it's so aesthetically simple. Yet sometimes the app crashes on the middle of the editing :( pls fix it
DJ Nokedli review DJ Nokedli
Its horrible. Free download and you should pay for everything jesus
Jhenski Mamaril review Jhenski Mamaril
I dont really know how to use it , I thinks it's not workin . I cannot really type anything.But the fonts are really good I just dont know how am I going to use them
Dana xxx review Dana xxx
This app is ok but very simple.waiting for some more functions like font outline color,font shadow etc.Then I can change my rating to 5 stars.
Fatima Omarjee review Fatima Omarjee
It's an awesome app love it! Costly! Burr worth it 💛
A Google user review A Google user
Здравствуйте! Я хотела поблагодарить создательницу приложения, за то, что она придумала такое!! Она огромная молодец! Она успевает вести беседу в телеграмме о своей жизни и достижениях! Так же она ведёт 2 блока в инстаграмме, и у неё к тому же есть обалденная продукция!! Она создаёт различные ежедневники стикеры и т.д!!!! Я хочу пожелать ей успеха и хочу сказать что ты настоящий пример для подражания!!!! 😘
All For You review All For You
Best creativity app for photos ! Highly recommended ! Please add manual text function if you can :)
Art Faktary review Art Faktary
Loved it! Its one of the best app that i have ever installed. thank you for bringing such an awesome app :)
ishita pant review ishita pant
I don't why but I just can't use the fonts in the text.. I can use some fonts but not all.. I need help.. I just want to use that fonts in the text.. Please help me to get out of this
A Google user review A Google user
Why don't you add some more categories and stickers in the app. Add more and get 5 stars
Shubham Som Gupta review Shubham Som Gupta
I am not able to understand, how to create and type my own quotes.