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APUS File Manager (Explorer)
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Small, simple, powerful, APUS File Manager is one of the best file manager for Android who provides full-featured file management and transfer for Android. Even better, this pro file manager and explorer can help transfer files among Android, PC, and iOS through hotspot.

Key Features of APUS File Manager
Full-featured File Manager (Explorer)
This pro Android file manager and explorer provides full-featured file management, including cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, check detail, share files, etc. for internal memory and SD card. It works perfectly as file renamer and viewer as can open any file format.
Super Fast File Transfer
With build-in wifi file transfer, this free file manager and explorer exploits wifi & hotspot to transfer files to another phone and PC even without internet connection. Without limitation for file size and type, users can transfer any file including apps, video, music, picture, etc. super fast.
Storage Analysis & Junk File Clean
Intelligently, this pro file manager will analyze storage usage, detect large files, redundancy files, and newly-created files. Therefore users can make sense of storage usage, clean junk file and other files & folders that are no longer needed effortlessly.
File Search
The optimized search engine of file explorer will find file in internal storage and SD card in 1 second. And users can browse files by category, e.g. image, music, video, apps, etc.
Private & Safe
This free file manager and explorer provides 100% local file management. Therefore there is no risk of any file leak. Your files and information are completely safe.

Minor Policy
We do not provide the service/content for any minors under 16 years old (or equivalent minimum age in relevant jurisdiction). If you are a minor meeting the above conditions, you must read the terms of User Agreement and use this app under the guidance of your guardian, and confirm that your guardian agrees to your Use of this app.
Contact us:
Email: [email protected]
APUS File Manager Homepage: http://www.superfilemanager.com/

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Jeya Prakash review Jeya Prakash
Its very useful and very easy to find the files easly
Sakirul Shaikh review Sakirul Shaikh
I think
Vivek Paul review Vivek Paul
Very good app
Bacha Qand review Bacha Qand
It was thee best and lovely app
It is pretty good and very useful
Mashooqkhannainiallhabad Mashooqkhannainiallhabad review Mashooqkhannainiallhabad Mashooqkhannainiallhabad
Mashooq khan
I am very "IT savvy", BUT when it comes to "playing with my electronics" I really haven't gotten that into it. Maybe bcuz I was 16 when AOL came out & I had internet at home and had enough!! So I use the net for work, buying LOTS & LOTS OF STUFF LOL, and YouTube. But my newest phone is made for "fun" so I HAD TO LEARN HOW TO TRANSFER CONTENT BETWEEN my phones & my 3 devices. THANK GOD I FOUND THIS APP, it should be called "File Sharing for Dummies"!! Bcuz it is SO EASY!!! I ? THIS APP!!
Rohith Reddy review Rohith Reddy
Owsome app
Super storage showing and allocation app
Basharat Hussain review Basharat Hussain
Superb app
Useful app
Very nice
Good contusion my phone
It's a good app I guess but too many notifications. After boosting my phone notifications keep popping up to say again. And there are annoying ad notifications
Urlate Now review Urlate Now
Does not show mounted USB drives
Does not display/mount USB drives. It's overall design structure is a bit 'too cute' for my use. Not what I'm looking for...
ujendra sorout review ujendra sorout
Sorout shahab
Must aap
Roshan Jha review Roshan Jha
This is the worst app I don't want this but it is like a virus gets installs to my tablet without my permission and always disturbs while playing sometimes I lose my game because of it never install this app this will make your smartphone like a 2 g or 3g phone