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Askr for CuriousCat
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Askr for CuriousCat is an app for browsing the social network CuriousCat on your Android device. It features feed, profile, discover, inbox, notifications and much more. It is the best way to navigate CuriousCat on smartphones.

Askr for CuriousCat features:
• Designed following Material design guidelines
• Make questions to your friends
• Answer questions your friends made
• Follow and unfollow users
• Share your answers online
• See a feed of everybody you following
• Notifications from the network
• Discover users and posts

Askr for CuriousCat is an unofficial app. This app is not in any way affiliated to CuriousCat and/or its owners.

Askr for CuriousCat APK reviews

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Yuri Meitzen review Yuri Meitzen
Awesome app, pretty and useful, just has a horrible company name and icon.
Felippe Kury review Felippe Kury
completamente qualité este app