Asphalt 8: Airborne APK reviews

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Jos Hoekstra review Jos Hoekstra
It's addictive
It's a fun game, however the commercials are getting annoying. Also the lookback when you hit someone off the road is annoying and causes a lot of crashes. Please adjust.
Dipanjan Pan review Dipanjan Pan
Best arcade racing game on Google Play...
Superb graphics,fabulous cars,awesome locations,multiplayer races and smooth gameplay makes this a complete game...Try it,its awesome
Ron Lorenz Cedric Altoveros review Ron Lorenz Cedric Altoveros
so amazing
nice game,i wish you can have a limited time for the price of the cars because i can not afford it. btw I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS GAME
Chris Martinez review Chris Martinez
Fun game
Great game play, lots of fun and aerial tricks to spice up the racing. In game ads have gotten over the top, though, causing ALOT of slowdown. The jelly belly ad is particularly resource heavy. Minus 2 stars for that.
Nitish Chaudhary review Nitish Chaudhary
What the Hell
After downloading this game my phone stopped working what the hell man please fix this
Ed Green review Ed Green
Asphalt 8
The game locked up after I raced and got 80% of the objectives. I can't even reload it to my device, it just sits there and says downloading but doesn't download. Waste your time if you want . Finally got it to download the latest version and its rigged so you have to use real money to finish the top races. I like the game but its disappointing the levels some companies will go to rip you off.
Jeric Aquino review Jeric Aquino
Crash and bugs.
The game is crashing , crashing , and keeps crashing every time Ive play this game it keeps crashing . 2 Races = 1 crash . In the "The Mirrage" always crashing on that map . And the bug on smaller phone screen the gameplay and the menu streches the screen . Please I wait this game for a long time to download . It could be fun with NO CRASH and BUGS please update i wish that :( :*
Ragnarok2070 review Ragnarok2070
Aspault 8 Airborne
Nothing but a money sink. The addition of traffic and obstacles makes winning impossible. The only way to progress is to purchase in game coin at exorbitantly high rates. If even worse the vehicles I earned on the kindle version are not cross platform transferrable to my Android phone Google version. The kindle version is by far better since it at least does not have npc traffic interference.
Benjamin Velasquez review Benjamin Velasquez
Highly recomended
Really fun game. Enjoy playing it all day and especially the fact that it is the coolest wifi free game out their!!! DO NOT CHANGE THAT. Could be better if wining credits earnings were higher so that it would be easier to upgrade cars and buy cars. But other than that great time consumer.
Karan Mistry review Karan Mistry
superb, awesome, fabulastic
one of my best game played by me. the graphics are awesome and the even the speed. one of my favourite part of dis game is that it has many route to reach one place.
Tristan Conard review Tristan Conard
Best game ever!!! I hope it stays Free
There is so many things I could say about this game awesome is not even a worthy title because awesome is an understatement the Graphics are out standing it plays like a 720p PC game on low graphics at 60 fps get this game now stop reading and install its like the PC game Grid but for your cell phone best game on all of Google play store
Justin Qiu review Justin Qiu
Its meh
Gameplay is very smooth with little stuttering. The only reason this gets a 4 star is because the ads cannot be removed sometimes and prevents me from upgrading my cars and block the bottom middle of my screen.
Andrew Minor review Andrew Minor
One of the most aggravating games I have ever played, and I've played a hell of a lot of games. Computer AI is just so unfair. Anything Gameloft has a whiff of BS! *WARNING* Your Device Is At Risk If You Play This Game, Fun Will Soon Turn To Rage.
Max Zakrzewski review Max Zakrzewski
Small problem
This game is amazing however there arent many maps and the just change the title of the map so it looks special e.g tokyo and great wall
Jacob Strauss review Jacob Strauss
Better than any other game I have ever heard of. GAMELOFT, keep it up! Well, now the daily login bonus doesn't work anymore. Plz. fix this and I will go back up to 5*****.