Assassin's Creed Pirates APK reviews

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Mihdi Perry Arbelaez review Mihdi Perry Arbelaez
This game is heavy a hell.
The game is very good, but very heavy. I had to delete things I needed
Anthony Caracci review Anthony Caracci
Note 4 glitch
Great game so far. Fishing is not working correctly on my Note 4. No circle ever appears. Only the square it's supposed to appear in. Makes it impossible to hook anything.
dan S review dan S
Killed my battery playing this game yesterday, game wont even start today. Cant lauch from icon or from playstore. Fix this game its fun. Played on a Galaxy note 3
Aksshay P review Aksshay P
Awesome graphics
Woah this game just rocks
Mark Yonkin review Mark Yonkin
I made an in-app purchase after reaching level 5 (fire ship, 100000 coins, 2x experience) then exited the game. Came back shortly after to find game was reset and my purchase is gone. What gives?
Mike earley93 review Mike earley93
Great job
Great job Ubisoft. This game runs well and looks amazing. The only thing i wish you would add is where you can get off the boat like in assassins creed black flag. But, besides that it is a great game.
Viktor Kulešov review Viktor Kulešov
Impossible to play.
Wtf ubisoft. Its impossible to play, when i try and drive around the seas or collect treasure it has 1 fps... and when i battle with other ships the fps is good. And the graphics are so bad too how could this game have 1 fps... i've played games that have alot better graphics and that are multiplayer and the fps is atleast 20. Ubisoft pls reply and dont be one of those sh*t companies that dont care.
Michael Cline review Michael Cline
Payed but never received content.
Purchased starter pack on 4-Nov-2015 at 12:13:40 p.m. EST, order # GPA.1360-2959-312948013. DID NOT RECEIVE ANY CONTENT I PAYED FOR! Love the game and I love ubisoft. I have always bought your games and products. I would hate for something like this to cause you to lose business, maybe it's a technical issue, but I would definitely like to receive my starter pack please.
Tiffany Flores review Tiffany Flores
I still can't fish!!!!
I've talked to the makers and all I got was the generic 'is the game up to-date, is your phone up to-date, try rebooting your phone' and when I tried to let them know it still wasn't working got no response, I thought it would have been fixed with the update but I guess not.
Mickey Burgess review Mickey Burgess
I think it's a great game. Very realistic. But I think the game producers, and game developers should solve the fishing issue. After the fish bite the hook a black aware appears and should be immediately be followed by a circle . Instead the black aware stays black and makes a sound twice. Almost immediately it says the fish has escaped. This happens almost every time I cast the hook. Can and will someone please fix and solve this issue. It seems a lot of players are experiencing the same issue; not to mention that it has been an issue for well over a year. I would recommend this game to anyone under the condition that this issue is fixed and solved.
Savio Scott review Savio Scott
Screen Stops WORKING!
Spent a good amount of data downloading this game, only to find that the game screen (not the o/s) just doesn't respond at all. I was able to click the Google's games icon and sign on but that's it ... Nothing else works. I have rebooted my phone and tried other graphics intensive games such as real racing which work flawlessly. I'm using a Moto G2 running Android M (unrooted), if it's of any help to you.
james malousek review james malousek
If I could play past the first 2 levels that would be great..
Beautiful graphics, fluid gameplay. Game force closes on startup and if I do get it started up, it's only the first 2 levels. Then won't regret open once I close the game. Re opened and it throws me back to the beginning
Raz Exion review Raz Exion
One Problem..
I Really Love This Game! But Just One Think...Game Won't Start When I Play For The 2nd Time...Seriously...Fix This...Or I'll Just Delete This..
Lindsay Carter review Lindsay Carter
Doesn't recognise email accounts
Can't log in to even start game play... Don't waste your time!
Ray Gibson review Ray Gibson
The best " Pirate Game ever??!!"
The best, you can change the ships,the design,perks,crew members,weapons,treasure, battles,and my favorite is that the crew of your ship will sing,you can fish,travel,whale hunt,change fish hooks,and a lot more,DOWNLOAD IT NOW PLZ YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!