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Astroneer: New Adventure
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Astroneer : New Adventure is a game when every time you do not know what awaits you, a new task, a new planet, a coherent unpredictable world in which you need to understand. It can be a quiet corner of space or a raging hell in which you would not want to be, but you will know it only when you make a landing.
Here the astronaut explores not one, but many planets, each generated independently. In Astroneer : New Adventure the character will have to survive in difficult conditions (including sandstorms), build a base, even change the surface of the planet. For example, you can level the surface, dig tunnels, extract minerals buried in the ground. Install Astroneer : New Adventure and enjoy it now!

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Kathy Jordon review Kathy Jordon
It's terrible I tried to get in the game it has to download then unpack then it says start but if you click it, it doesn't work it's stupid how you what to download it and unpack it so don't get it.