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Asus Music app sets your music free! Create playlists and queue tracks easily from content stored on your phone, media server or cloud storage. Enjoy a feast of music anywhere, anytime!

ASUS Music APK reviews

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SimplyBest2 review SimplyBest2
This app is nice but so many bloatware
Remove a bunch of bloatware app on your Asus devices
Michael Vinuya review Michael Vinuya
Ok but dark widget themes needed
Crossfading and Gapless playback not supported. Transistion between songs is slow. Also.... themes or ability to change interface color will be a great feature. In the Now Playing Screen, specs of the music file like type(mp3, aac, etc.), and bitrate should be displayed. Bug: Notification of app appears again after boosting RAM.
jefferson bond review jefferson bond
Good Enough
Sumeet Chaurasia review Sumeet Chaurasia
Widget not accessible when screen is locked with pattern or pin.
Ding Feng review Ding Feng
Please raise the limit of the most played songs cuz I have more than 300 songs and it'll be great to be able to see which songs I play the least as well. Thank you ^-^
Ishita Chawla review Ishita Chawla
My music player still hangs while i click on the song to laggs. When i click a song it hangs n plays after few seconds. It sucks up. Pleade fix this issue.
Carolina De La Ossa review Carolina De La Ossa
Perfect music info edit
Thank you very much for adding the music edit info feature. The app is great, the only thing that I would request is adding a black theme for it. Actually I like it more than the Google music app. Are you including this app on the zenwatch 2?
Giwrgos Papakyriakos review Giwrgos Papakyriakos
LAN play
would love it if could play songs from my lan shared folders and not from a media server
Mark Allan Martinez review Mark Allan Martinez
Sooner or later, your apps will gradually change and it will become a BENCHMARK OF OTHER APPS. ✔✔✔✔✔ Just grant some suggestions of your users. ??? Just like, (1) screening the lyrics while playing the music (2) full album art and (3) dark screen mode. ??? BTW, thank you for granting my request about the lyrics. KEEP ⬆THE GOOD WORK. GOD BLESS ????
Rehan ul Hassan review Rehan ul Hassan
Kindly add sound option so we dont need to use cell phone sound button
Shyam Sasidharan review Shyam Sasidharan
Very satisfied. Many thanks. Little lag when opening the app. Fix that and earn a 5 star
Ac Posada review Ac Posada
I really like the stock player. Just one more, can you add themes? Like a dark theme to save battery or something minimalistic/transparent (same for the widgets)
Danielle Ramos review Danielle Ramos
Please add dark theme mode it will make the appearance better
Prasad Bhamare review Prasad Bhamare
Base effect, or any effects
Please upgrade the base effects. I really got tired of such music. I use sennheisers earphones. Still bad effects. Please upgrade. Dont give extra features. Give the effects. And that too quality effects. Like lumia
Daryl Ventura review Daryl Ventura
Mess everywhere
My music player are all great and fine and then suddenly your Pre installed music player just ruined everywhere in my playlist. I just change the cover album of one of my song and then after changing it, all of my songs are now have the same cover album just like the cover album that I just recently changed and now I am having a hard time editing it one by one using my PC. I regret that teusted your Asus Music player really crap. Totally crap. How can you supposed to help me now huh?