AT&T Mobile Transfer APK

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AT&T Mobile Transfer allows you to transfer your content (contacts, pictures, videos, music, messages and more) from your old device to your new device wirelessly. Simply download the app to both devices, follow the prompts to connect the devices and transfer your content.

AT&T Mobile Transfer APK reviews

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Robert Koehn review Robert Koehn
Never got to try this. The disclosure, which many people don't read, says that by using the app you are agreeing to allow third parties (undisclosed) all information from on your phone, including passwords. Not going to happen. Been doing a transfer successfully all by myself for years.
Max Fabella review Max Fabella
Worked like a charm
Seamless operation, transferred quickly, and had no errors. Good looks
Andrew Louden review Andrew Louden
Very useful app
Worked like a charm transferring contents of SD card to gs6.
Brandi Johnson review Brandi Johnson
Works great
It was easy to use. It took around 20 minutes to transfer everything. A Nice convenient app.
Chris Ramos review Chris Ramos
Useful but needs more...
Capabilities like transferring contacts from Facebook or transferring apps.
Henry Rivera review Henry Rivera
I've been trying for two days to transfer my data from my old galaxy III to my new galaxy 6 with no success. I'm using AT&T Mobile transfer. It freezes on the receiving phone.
Dakota Persico review Dakota Persico
Doesn't work
I had scanned the qr code from my phone an it doesn't work at all
Peter Crawford review Peter Crawford
Um, I don't have an extra battery, didn't think this one through there att.
Had to wait for my kid to get home so I could steal his battery
Cheryl Munger review Cheryl Munger
Not getting it
Keeps telling me, my WiFi is blocking transfer. Try other WiFi. I don't have other.
William Jackson review William Jackson
This came off without a hitch and I am not that good with this kind of stuff
Susan Stewart review Susan Stewart
I have poor service at the house and expected to have problems. My husband's phone we had to take in but my transfer went almost flawless. Thanks AT&T
Clay Churchill review Clay Churchill
Worked like a charm
Did the job. Real easy took about 10 minutes. S4 active to S6 Galaxy.
giovani dominique review giovani dominique
1800 photos in 4 minutes
Switched over 1800 photos and 14 videos in just over 4 minutes. Way faster than anything else I've tried.
Allen Kay review Allen Kay
Tried 4 other apps first. This was SO EASY. And really fast. The only thing is- when it was almost complete, at&t sent me a text saying my phone (Galaxy s6) was not compatible. It worked anyway, and After it was finished, I noticed there was an update available. That would have probably taken care of the incompatibility issue (which wasn't true anyway). (??)
Andrew F. review Andrew F.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Didn't work...used another similar app that did.