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James JONES review James JONES
Simply the best...
This app cleans and lets u know you will be organized and gets rid of junk you've had much too long and never got around to clean ur smartphones house SO, GET THE APP THAT WILL CLEAN UP YOUR PHONES DUST AND OLD STUFF YOU WILL NOT NEED....U WILL BE GLAD U DID!!! STAFF, GREAT JOB AGAIN!
Collin Taylor review Collin Taylor
Great way to clean & speed up device!
Galaxy s6 edge+
Jonathan Longoria review Jonathan Longoria
Does the job but is super bloated
All these new ads popping up are super annoying. I doubt I will do the favor of upping my rating as the app is only getting worse in that regard. Like everyone else, I would pay for a premium ad-free version just as I have for all my other apps.
Morrie Mills review Morrie Mills
Keeps my old tablet kicking
Good when I was paying for it, even better since it's free!
Maria Nefeli review Maria Nefeli
Ads in the latest update
I've been using AVAST products for years and I would gladly pay a small fee for this app. But having AVAST sell my data to ad companies makes me seriously uncomfortable and concerned. You're supposed to offer security and protection, not make me more vulnerable and exposed to third parties.
Susan Wilhelm review Susan Wilhelm
No Brainer
It just shows up and asks to dump the safe unnecessary data. On a regular basis. Why wouldn't you?
Kesav V review Kesav V
Great App
I always trust avast product. I use avast product on my PC and tablet. Another great app from them.
blaine strife review blaine strife
Its very very good apps I love it ;)
knobzdonkey review knobzdonkey
S6 edge plus
I will change to 5 stars if you get rid of the adverts every time I safe clean my phone, soooooooo annoying!!!
Stevie Lavallee review Stevie Lavallee
Excellent App
Works great without crashes. Easy to uses with safeguard screens preventing accidental deletions. Using a Samsung Galaxy S5.
Avast Cleanup
By far the most thorough, vigilant and detailed cleaner available. It does more than just a simple clean. It is constantly looking for apps that restart while running in the background without the users knowledge. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND APPRECIATED!!
Udesh Weerasundara review Udesh Weerasundara
Need "tap to clean". A quick clean widget or button. With no further selections.
Scott McCue review Scott McCue
Best app on my device
And worth going pro!
Dajuane Runyon review Dajuane Runyon
Thanks for this Avast Cleanup. It does the job and as far as the ads....they don't bother me because I am rooted with an app that blocks the ads. They are not going to get rid of the ads so asking and or demanding the developers to get rid of the ads is not the answer; you have to do it yourself. 5stars, thanks again.
Hal Martin review Hal Martin
I use Avast on all my devices. Excellent app that is not intrusive.