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Dance... Passion... Friends... Fashion.... Avatar Musik is an energy-filled, social community where friends can come together to just have fun. Whether its dancing, fashion, or chatting with friends, Avatar Musik provides a little bit of everything, including special events and contests to give you a unique playing experience every time you visit.

Avatar Musik is free to download and plays on the most popular smart phone devices, including iOS, Android, Windows and tablets.

So Mr. DJ.... what are you waiting for? ... let's hit the dance floor and enjoy everywhere with new friends now!

Avatar Musik APK reviews

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maithili padwal review maithili padwal
I think it is good game I love it but when after a many days it stopped working and became to tell that reconnect and connection fail. Well you all can download it and use it for days and enjoy till it stops. ^_^
Carolina Berra review Carolina Berra
I rate this bad :( I logged in and someone hacked my account and I tried everything I tried the website and nothing I tried to go to the game I CAN'T EVEN MAKE ANOTHER it says that cannot connect then it says someone's in my account plzzzz fox THIIIIS I'M SO SCARED !!! ???I TRIED EVERYRHING THIS SUCKS
Rontitus Morgan review Rontitus Morgan
It's sooooo wack never buy it never I'm warning u guys never buy it nevvvveeerrr
Maretha Nathania review Maretha Nathania
calico kio review calico kio
I hated it
Tito Robles review Tito Robles
Read The Following:
The game is GREAT! Just the problem is that the almost everyone speak Vietnamese and also the game speaks it too at random times. Next, the players should be able to date and do dating animations with their own gender as well as their opposite. Also when you create your character, it only allows you to put in the default birthday to even accept the character. Last, WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE COINS!?!? Most of EVERYTHING costs gems! It's no fair that about everything costs gems! Put more coin products! Thank U!
It looks fun but...
It takes long for me to download the data. And can we have an update? My friend plays and is a VIP5 but her VIP points goes down when she does not top up. And most things are with gems. Can there be more coin products? Alsoo..my friend in the game is married annd would like to have that when the vows and such are over if you and your husband can just go to like a paradise place or something? Where just the two of them would be at. Thank you so much! ?
Lloyd Marcaida review Lloyd Marcaida
Something is wrong
It takes 144.2 mb to download it how will it finish quick your asking for too much data bytes though pls I didn't play this game yet I'll give 5 stars if you fix it
Imran Shaikh review Imran Shaikh
Plz fix this problem
This game is awesome, I understand that you have to do maintenance that's why some time game don't let me login. i have only 1 problem now and that is i can't uploade my pics on my profile! Plz fix this problem otherwise this game is amazing! If you fix this problem I'll make that 4 star in to 5 star.
I love it!
Look u have to be patient for it to load then u wait a few minutes after it gets to 100% oh and my name is Belshy101 if u want to be friends and plzzzz fix the wedding!! After the bride and groom are about to kiss...IT LAGS!
Kay Hill review Kay Hill
Not at all like the video
It suck u cant even play for real its dumb u hsve to wait 25 days tell u can play
2D n00dle review 2D n00dle
Avatar musik
Hey yallz I'm ginger24, if ya see me,let's be friends, I give it a 5 for good graphics and wonderful features,the weddings are fun too! Shout out to players ... anghun, it's cherry, pandoraxsx,babing,and axelblaze,BellaO,LanceO,mercalli79, belshy,bellyblue79,gisellew,XxjoanxX, ashwaq,and everyone else!!!! The only problem is , it takes time to download, but I tell ya,it worth it yall!!! Peace out c ya l8ter :3
Neptunes Daughter review Neptunes Daughter
I don't like this app because,every time I try to play it,it brings me back to my home screen.
chelsea nelson review chelsea nelson
What the heck just happen...
What the if any of you is reading this plz read!? OK I have open the app? then it takes 2 and more hours? for it to hit 30%. What the heck I did not sign up for this! ? ? ?????????? I will Not rate this five it got to 99% and then it started from the beginning. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THE GAME! ???????????????????????
Kendieboss review Kendieboss
Ok the game is so bad that it said someone is using my account no one is using my account im using Facebook I change my password and everything it still said someone is using my account and can't put a picture in my profile its really stupid and u need to fix the downloading BC its really slow and on the slot machine I won the 1000 gems and it didn't gave it to me wut a waste of money I used my money to get gems and it wasted for nothing. If u fix it ill give 5 star its ok but its not good enough.