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Shubham Palvankar review Shubham Palvankar
Keep it up
Audio clarity was not good o.w. nice keep it up
Mac Anon review Mac Anon
Get this
I bought this app yesterday, and i donated some money today. This app is flawless. The pro version is not a must, its Just a plus
KillFnord x review KillFnord x
Works As Advertised.
So far this app was worth the 3.00$ For the Pro version. No lag no issues with any features on it no crashing everything it said it does it does very well. True 1920HD Video so dont have any false claims. Really enjoy this App makes proving something simple and easy or making videos on your phone awesome and easy.Can even make your own headers easy to see pointer for tutorials.This goes out to the development team Thank you guys for making such a good app i will be gladly to donate to you keep up the work.
Keerthi Mk review Keerthi Mk
The best!! Does what it claims!! ?? Fed up with all the video downloders!! Nothing helped & it gave me what I actually wanted!! The best thing is I can get parts of a video when I don't want the whole thing!!????
Sarah Hidalgo review Sarah Hidalgo
All great except for one thing
No audio. I thought it would record sound from my phone and not just from the mic. I want to be able to record something with my headphones and still hear the music from whatever is being recorded. Please fix this. Other than that, everything is great
Derek forseen review Derek forseen
Best screen recorder that doesn't need rooted. I will be using this allot and will do a YouTube review on this.
Boy Dorms X review Boy Dorms X
Face mode just recorder pro :(
I dont have enough money to pay but i need to record the face and screen in same time. Good apps but need to buy :(
Davio Lester review Davio Lester
When I record I get no lag whatsoever which is great, but when I play the video back everything is jumpy and laggy, tried changed bit rate and resolution to solve this and nothing helped
Nathan king review Nathan king
I bought the full version so I could cut videos to length to send but it still won't let me. HOW? And then 5 stars!
Jay Graal review Jay Graal
It's ssooooo good I just got my phone downloaded it and it worked thanks but if u made it for kit Kat I would BE "HAPPYER"
Julius Wang review Julius Wang
Finally I've got what I'm looking for, this is insane! The output was flawless, loved it so much! I think it could be better if you can make it record the audio directly from the source not from mic.
Matthew Tequida review Matthew Tequida
People complaining about audio
Is it even possible to record the screen and just the audio from the phone much less the phone audio at all? I don't think you can.
Ty Dowell review Ty Dowell
It does what it ment to do
All these years I found the perfect screen recorder, I can now record some of my mobile games and put them on YouTube, thanks AZ screen recorder.
Peter van Hoof review Peter van Hoof
Good but needs more support
I really need this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 12.2 with Android 4.4.2, not just on my note 4
Mad Martian review Mad Martian
The app is simple and works well. My only issue is you can't record audio direct from the app without the microphone on. This is a big problem for me. Unfortunately, most video capture apps suffer from this problem. Perhaps root is required to capture internal audio?