Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Hair APK

Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Hair
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Budge Studios™ presents Barbie Dreamtopia – Magical Hair! Join Barbie and her younger sister Chelsea as they welcome you to Endless Hair Kingdom!
With Barbie as your mentor, use your imagination and creativity to design magical hairstyles. Play with whimsical hair accessories to wash, cut, brush, style and color! Rinse and repeat to express yourself and bring inspiration to Wispy Forest and its princesses.

STYLIZE, brush, braid and accessorize
COLOR, curl and straighten
WASH, dry and decorate
LISTEN to Barbie and discover her magical hair wishes
TAKE A PIC to save your creations
TRAVEL to the 8 wonders of the Wispy Forest

BARBIE, Wispy Forest princess
CHELSEA, a dreamer of magical hairstyles
DELIA, the magnificent unicorn
LOCKSLEY, the fluffy and fearless bunny

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Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Hair APK reviews

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Yvonne Morgan review Yvonne Morgan
I love it
I didn't mean to push love it's amazing can't you what is really fun I love playing you guys again because I love doing stuff on it and can you please look really cute I love doing this to people so cute can you guys please make more
Marie Therese Wakim review Marie Therese Wakim
J'ai beaucoups aimer mais on ne peut rien debloquer tous est a payer et quand je click sur la boulle en verre j'etend et je vois la fille mais elle ne bouge plus.
Tawnie Blair review Tawnie Blair
Great game I love dreamtopia it is amazing I love the endless hair kingdom ,sparklemoutian, sweets burg ,rainbow cove ,
Great game I love the hairstyles I love the tools you use to style chelses hair it would be a good game if you gave match challenges so you can get free rewards for your person so that way she can put on something new to wear. Please do that when the game gets updated thanks
abdulghani rahim review abdulghani rahim
But I think this game is cool and all..... but still I want everything to be free so it's more fun
Aimen Farooq review Aimen Farooq
Best game ever
This is besr game I ever play and I love it ajd I love barbie dreamtopia and you should download this game and you will love this game best game ever
Hazem Mostafa review Hazem Mostafa
I love it
I love it because my father ls gonna get me the adds and it,s amazing because it makes you learn
This game is good but it froze up a few times and in app purchases are starting to get irritating
Pranaya. Karthikeyan
Narciso Alberto Gonzalez Zachrisson review Narciso Alberto Gonzalez Zachrisson
Juveriah Fatima review Juveriah Fatima
Love it!!!!!
Julie Keffer review Julie Keffer
Love it