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Barbie Superstar! Music Maker
Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 1Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 2Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 3Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 4Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 5Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 6Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 7Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 8Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 9Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 10Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 11Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 12Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 13Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 14Barbie Superstar! Music Maker screenshot 15
Budge Studios™ Presents Barbie™ Superstar! Join Barbie and her musical friends on a concert tour through Barbie’s world! At every location, you can express yourself through music by creating amazing music videos while wearing awesome outfits! You’ll be a superstar in no time! Let’s rock!

•Create and star in your own Barbie music video!
•Collect glam outfits to wear on stage
•Add stunning camera, lighting and video effects
•Direct the band members to add dance moves and music solos
•Discover adventurous new locations and fashion styles

5 Rock ‘n Venues:
•Rock'n Royals Camp
•Rock'n Royals Rockstar Camp
•Secret Magical Garden
•Glam City Lights
•High School Dance

5 Official Barbie Soundtrack songs to choose from:
•Raise Our Voices
•What if I Shine
•I've got Magic
•The Greatest Day Ever
•Barbie Anthem

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Barbie Superstar! Music Maker APK reviews

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Anica The Queen review Anica The Queen
Because this app has app perches. And i have so many reason to hate this app. 1st I'm stuck in Rock an Royal camp.2nd if i completed the tasks of 1st level so the next level will opened up just like other game's but no it has app perches to opened the next level so that's 2 the reason to hate this app
Chic Aloha review Chic Aloha
i love it it's just that its not free. and i cant and dont want to spend money on an app. plus it needs more out fits. im bord of the same song. pretty please fix the app.
natarajan Gounder review natarajan Gounder
This game needs more than just rock n royals camp song it needs all the songs for this game to be fun. Bugde please make better games.
Tilak Ram Jaiswal review Tilak Ram Jaiswal
I have a complaint with it. That why should we want to by4 apps? I don't like to waste money on games.??????? Otherway it is to much good game for girls.????? Thats why i give it only 4 stars.
Yusra Ayman review Yusra Ayman
It only has 1 stage and 1 song that's so unfair and I don't have enough money to buy other 1ns.
A Google user review A Google user
It good but I want it to let me have more than one game mode??????????
Dharamveer Anand review Dharamveer Anand
That only have 2 free dresses and 1song
LadiCody311 review LadiCody311
Its okay but you have to buy a lot of things if you could get the presents without buying anything then I love it. _ a kid speaking
Sk Sabhana review Sk Sabhana
It to bad all the level is not unlock well i am a kid how do i will have money they should unlock all the level because when children saw this they are very disappointed and upset
This was a horrible app because every time you do something like a dance, it will say try again later. And plus all the levels are not unlocked and it cost money instead of you winning gifts. Budge try better if I see a new game I am not buying it. Budge out of 10 I would give it a 0/10. Budge it's a waste of time to download it for like 45 mins . I bought this it wasted my time. Don't even think about making a nother app.don't's a waste.1 level unlocked.all that patient for nothing (crys)?????
Aki Mula review Aki Mula
You always have to pay for something
farhad jokhio review farhad jokhio
Only. Thing. You have to do is unlock all of the levels please my father doesn't tell me the number. of Crédit. Card. Please. Unlock it
Pari Kanchan review Pari Kanchan
It was good for only 1 stage?????
Rafe 325 review Rafe 325
Very good but not really sure how to make the most important thing is going well for you and your game of happy memories of my town 25 free shipping by air to game
Ilma Aijaz review Ilma Aijaz
There shouldn't be anything for purchasing just to unlock otherwise it was very good I must say