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Cannot uninstall the bloody thing. Tried many times. Uninstall from App.Store or from the phone just hangs on for ever and does nothing, sometimes reboots phone but application remains on the phone. I am not so interested in why but in uninstalling it. Any suggestion?
Michael McLaughlin review Michael McLaughlin
Clear, concise presentation of the data, with a basic legend alongside the scale. Also, if you go into advanced settings, you can see the past 6, 12, and 24 hours of data. This is very helpful as I need to review barometric changes in relation to my migraines.
Padruig9 review Padruig9
It would be perfect if the ads didn't constantly pop up when the app isn't even open. If another app comes along that tracks the changes in pressure automatically, I'll ditch this one in a second.
Gerry Good review Gerry Good
It OK...nothing sophisticated. Minor flaws...set for Emperial but gives altitude in meters. Still looking for something better. I use the data for ballistic DOPE.
Diane Morgan review Diane Morgan
Great app. My intraocular pressure increases, and this app verifies the atmospheric pressure, that affects my eyes. Yes, it is
Michael Wright review Michael Wright
Nice and simple, don't need lightning alerts, or UV index, have that on weather app. Appears to be pretty accurate. Love the classic look.
chris warren review chris warren
So far so good
ronnie stewart review ronnie stewart
James Owens review James Owens
Hard to set current reading meter
Adrian Stefanescu review Adrian Stefanescu
Far from real pressure
Manjit Singh review Manjit Singh
Name us misleading. It's not free.
Vojislav Nincic review Vojislav Nincic
I am very much satisfied with this app. Thank you for your effort!
Michelle Connor review Michelle Connor
Gives a basic reading only
christopher graham review christopher graham
Awesome app so far :) but maps dont work.
Mladen Tegzes review Mladen Tegzes
Old fashioned weather station. And that's exactly what I was looking for.