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Attention basketball fanatics! Test your basketball practice and shot techniques in #1 Basketball game - Basketball Mania, a fun way to play Basketball!

Basketball Mania is a fast paced arcade basketball machine game with a built in ticket dispenser, where players are challenged to hit the target scores to move onto the next level and try to beat the highest score. The better the player is, the longer they are able to play!

You need to score as many points as possible within the given time. With each level cleared, the game play will change, with the level of difficulty increasing with each stage.

How to Play:
- Touch a ball and fling it towards the basket to shoot the ball

Game Features:
- Five unique skins: choose your favorite themed environment
- Great game sound effects & music
- Redemption ticket stars payout feature
- Side to side basket movement for challenging play

Basketball Mania APK reviews

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Megan Coy review Megan Coy
I really love this game, it definitely helps pass the time and is really fun to play, in my opinion. The only thing I don't like and have a question about is, '' this game will not post my high score, or can't figure out how to post score." I have got pretty good at this game, my first day playing it, my highest score was 293. Since then my score has been even higher. This game also helps me have steady hands. But if this issue is something that can be fixed or you could tell me why my score is not being posted, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
Jason Dahlen review Jason Dahlen
It's a good app but, there is way too many ads. Every time the rounds done there is an ad. Good app but just way too many adds.
Javier the YouTuber review Javier the YouTuber
The best!!!!
Really cool game it's really challenging witch makes it fun but there are still A LOT of other reasons why this game is AWESOME
david mirambel review david mirambel
Very good
Its not like a boring game
Roshan Banjara review Roshan Banjara
It has good control and it is best timekiller game but ad always hang my mind.
Ricardo Gross review Ricardo Gross
It's awesome
manuel r.hernandez review manuel r.hernandez
Beautiful sport game,love the sound effects and keeps me motivated. Helps me improve my skills.
Alex Castillo review Alex Castillo
Good time killer when I'm talking a dump. Otherwise, its stupid
Susan Marie review Susan Marie
Fun to play with fantastic graphics on each level you unlock.This fun basketball game has way to many ads. Would be willing to pay to have ads removed. WARNING: LOTS OF ADS!!!
Paula Bowling review Paula Bowling
I love this game. I've played it for a couple of years and I never get bored.
ultimit twin gamers review ultimit twin gamers
Good game but i want u to make a update so we could play online
King8 Bacher review King8 Bacher
This game is good to play to pass time but if failed the levels must repeat frm the 1st ...hope can just recontinue the same failed level istead of keep repeating from level 1
Reardon Jennings review Reardon Jennings
Always has been entertaining game, but now too many ads.
genesis white review genesis white
The games need to have more fun not just throwing the ball in the hoop it need riddles or puzzles to get tickets if u dont get to the score that u need to get to
David Boston Jr. review David Boston Jr.
So far so good. I'm give another review and save the five stars for next rate. I really like how you get keep scoring and after while you get bonus time.