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Prove your worth as Gotham’s Dark Knight, facing off against a slew of deadly assassins and their thugs in the new mobile game, Batman Arkham Origins. Fight your way through Gotham City’s most dangerous locales in this free to play brawler from NetherRealm Studios.
Earn in-game currency and rewards to upgrade your Batman and become the most punishing crime fighter in the world, unlocking tons of unique Batsuits along the way. Connect the mobile game to the console version of Batman: Arkham Origins and unlock even more exclusive content that you can’t get anywhere else.

Special Features:
Batsuit skins exclusive to the mobile game, including JSA Liberty Files Batman, and Batman Beyond.
Cross-platform unlocks between mobile and console versions of the game.
Scour the city and find Cowls, Belts, Batarangs, Capes and Armor! Collect them all to unlock and upgrade Batsuits.
Facebook integration. Invite your friends to play and earn rewards.

Batman Arkham Origins APK reviews

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shreyas save review shreyas save
Its a great game! Just a lil problem with the achievements bit. I just completed the whole game, also have defeated Bane a lot of times, but still the achievement for defeating Bane hasn't been unlocked. Apart form that, its a great game! 5 stars if I can get that achievement!
Abiyoso Purnomosakti review Abiyoso Purnomosakti
Best game especially for any Batman lover all over the globe.. I am one of them obviously and I rate this game wicked! Beyond words.. So great!!
Will Castillo review Will Castillo
Fun game, but it gets boring fast. Very repetitive. Also, anytime I attempt to log into my WB account the game crashes.
Joshua Caine review Joshua Caine
Not wat I expected so I'm uninstalling its just some stupid fighting games with the same three attacks over and over lame as hell
Kyle Kudelin review Kyle Kudelin
Game was decent, very easy, then lost everything
Game is decent. Actually pretty easy. I unlocked everything to 100% and had best suit. Then the game completely reset and started all over. Uninstalling.
Jennifer Romero review Jennifer Romero
Great game, however.... It is sad that the game locks at level 30 and you can't make any progress after that.
Cameron Suggs review Cameron Suggs
Can't use my WBID login
Until I'm able to login with my WBID account the app will only get three stars.
Aaryan Parasnis review Aaryan Parasnis
I love it but...
What after I'm level 30,have the best and most expensive suit, upgraded everything and completed all missions more than twice?!?!? Do I ever fight firefly and black mask?
Kurt Sudheim review Kurt Sudheim
Cloud & Update
This is a good game, more than just a simple companion app, & although theres nothing wrong with the game, I think it may need an update soon (& not jut more suit etc), I hate it when other apps bring out an update every 2nd week bcuz they 'need' to, only to mess it up, but 6months is some time. Also could you pls help me figure out the cloud save, I started playing on my phone now I want to move it to my tab, so I got it on tab passed tutorial logged into GP & WB tapped cloud it says up to date, login with my phone it asks if I want the 2min of gametime from tab, Can't get it to ask other way around. Don't want to lose progress from original device, somebody pls help!
Abrarul Alam review Abrarul Alam
Can't play much cz of energy system
I like the game but Energy system kills it. If you could remove energy/stamina and let us play more often, it just wins you more hearts. Being crippled by energy is too damn frustrating...
Josh Chamblee review Josh Chamblee
Crashes A LOT
I would say the game is fun, but I can't since it does nothing but crash CONSTANTLY! Every 3 minutes the game crashes during the middle of a battle. It's so annoying. Not worth the download right now.
Gael Bwelesi review Gael Bwelesi
Doesn't work s3 mini
Doesn't work after I have downloaded it I open the app then it crashesh by itself plz fix I wanna play the game and I'll give a 5 star
Ashraf Helmy review Ashraf Helmy
More frustrating than fun
Many updates later and the bugs and problems are still there. Rapid tap doesn't work; you can't win. Bane kills you in one hit even with all your upgrades. Where's the fun in that? I almost broke a finger and my screen trying to "rapid tap", what a frustrating way to play a "game". I'm uninstalling.
Edfael Lara review Edfael Lara
Best Batman Mobile Game
The gameplay is entertaining, the switching fighting styles, the three swipes after three basic attacks, it gets challenging more and more each time and with more rewarding money. WBID works well for me, no problems thumbs up.
Yama Danishwar review Yama Danishwar
I give it a Meh...
It's a cool game don't get me wrong..what it lacks is the obvious money grabs which I can understand...the need to wait for Stamina to be replinished is annoying. I'm in the second teir of the game..Second suit which I have also upgraded..and all of my stats are roughly the same updated as I played..and some levels even with a boost it seems the only way to complete the level is by dying and using another token to revive yourself and continue with whatever enemies are left.Very frustrating and too difficult