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Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s Festive Updates!

Only the strongest survive in Battle Camp! Catch, train and evolve over 1,200 monsters as you ready for incredible battles!

Crush your enemies alone or forge alliances with Rangers to build a Troop! Bring your friends or meet new ones from around the world with real-time messaging.

Work together to defeat epic bosses, wage war on other Troops and dominate in REAL-TIME PvP. Battle other Rangers every week in events for your shot at the top of the Leader Board.

Design your own unique avatar! You can even customize the clothing as you wish with a massive array of costumes and accessories.

Get ready for a world that is constantly changing as frequent raids bring new challenges, new worlds and new monsters! What are you waiting for? Download now.

✔ Catch and evolve 1200+ monsters
✔ Explore a live virtual world
✔ Form a troop with friends and other players
✔ Monster battling puzzle MMO
✔ Battle rivals in real-time PvP
✔ Rise to the top of the leaderboard in weekly events
✔ Design your own unique avatar

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Just Awesome.
This is a uniquely designed and very thoughtfully made game and I love it! Just perfect. There should be an event for those who are just stuck cuz maybe their PR is less and they just can't go on further so that they can get more powerful monsters to help them through with a restriction for example only those with 60,000 or less PR can take part in the event. I am not asking to give away legendary monsters. Just supers and ultras will do okay? Please take this into consideration. Just once? Please?
Allan Hegney review Allan Hegney
Fun but...
Fun but you run out of energy real quick & it takes ages to regen hindering ur lv grinding which you need to do as u get too far in the story to quick & the mobs get too hard. On the other hand you could pump money into this black hole of a bottomless pit & feel shafted at the blatant & unapologetic money grabing that ruins this games potential. Other fremium games get the balance far better.
d00mzDai review d00mzDai
Account problems
Alright. I like the game. But my phone got stolen and i had to get a new one. My account was started with google+ and linked to facebook but when i go to sign in it doesnt recognise either account. This is a 5 star game. Please help me get my account back.
Anthony Rocco review Anthony Rocco
At first I wasn't sure about the game but as soon as I played for a day I was hooked. Fair warning: this is a full time game. To get any good without paying money you need to farm and farm hard. All in all, I love it.
Monzca Wixes review Monzca Wixes
Ive always loved this game and i still do!!! Its my fav and i love that i can text people and join troops and get their help to beat bosses!
sleepy eyes Entertainment review sleepy eyes Entertainment
Ad a custim troophall plz
Justin De Villiers review Justin De Villiers
Great game... a bit addictive though
Andrew Couplin review Andrew Couplin
Thyago Trinidad Bacellar review Thyago Trinidad Bacellar
Zengani Mhango review Zengani Mhango
This seems like a fairly intriguing game but I have a very serious issue with it. It will not load. The game loaded only twice and now continually sends an error message at the loading screen. I humbly request that this be dealt with as quickly as possible. Thank you.
Jazzy Smith review Jazzy Smith
I have had multipul people write me sexually on this kids game, im also having problems with my energy on this game. After a large (important) fight ut will tell me connection failed try again and i have a choice of yes or no. No matter what i pick it takes me off the app and im left with no energy and no prizes from the battle or any significance that i had even even engaged the battle. This really slows down my progress. I hope this can be fixed, otherwise id give it 5 stars- heck id give it 10 stars if i could and these small problems wernt happening.
Graham Carroll review Graham Carroll
99$ purchaces that cost 99£ the obly thing Pp can count r the money ppl line their pockets with . And when u ask them they blame play store. PP are a greedy bunch of money grabbers!. I started myb 5 months ago I installed and got sucked straight in it was awesome now over the months they have taken away everything and made the game rubbish now they just want ure money and u get nothing for it ?? it's the only game ever that rewards u for not spending with 2500% bonus deals but as soon as u buy they take them away and replace with absolute garbage 100% or 25% deals IMHO unless ure loaded don't bother as this is now a pay to play game which is v unfortunate cause if they need to realise ppl don't have to play and certainly don't like wasting their money lining penny pops pockets ?.
armando i review armando i
It has cute graphics and easy gameplay. Gotcha is kinda expensive but i love how your lead mon fallows you around
Jonathan Molina review Jonathan Molina
Es un gran juego, llevo jugandolo casi 2 años, pero las nuevas modificaciones esta haciendo que el juego caiga, la mejor version de este juego fue poder ganar los 100 de oro en trofeos, energias en pvp sin limitarnos a estar en cero energias, energias por mision de evento y teofeos y no estos refil. Deberian escuchar mas a sus jugadores en los videos en vivo que hacen. Es todo, en general es muy buen juego
Crystal Creger review Crystal Creger
It's okay
It's okay I guess, I could get more into it, if you gave us more energy to use. And storage sucks. They don't give you many coins so it seems they expect you to buy them. I didnt have enough coins to up my inventory till level 15. And it was only a +5 for 10 coins. Then next +5 is 20 coins. Most games give you enough free coins/gem for people like me who don't spend real money on these items. At least then we can play and enjoy the game at a slower pace then people who chose to spend real money.