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Tank shoot battle royale game, join friend's team or fight solo! ONLINE, NO LAG.

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Category Games, Action
ID cn.game4u.tanks
Requirements 8.0

battle of survivor - APK description is a real-time, online multiplayer io game.
Hide in the grass, Shoot as a sniper and Fight to survive!
In battle royale and other game modes, massive io game lovers are having fun every day here. is a totally online io game with minimum data cost however maximum online pleasure, you may feel it like other offline io game because there is no lag(if there is, please let us know and we will optimize the network connection for you).
Control your tank to move and attack the enemies on various maps. As you level up, you gain ability points and upgrade your abilities to gain more power of attack or defense etc. Upgrade your tank at certain levels so you have multiple forms and attack styles.
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Five exciting game modes that you can join at any time: infinity battle, color conquest, time attack, battle royale and Lost Temple in which you create a private room for you and your friends. If you would like to challenge the high score rank, you would play infinity battle, if you like the fast-paced sweeping the whole map, then play battle royale, in short, play different modes you need different stratigy, and you will be amused in this high quality io game.
It is worth mentioning Lost Temple Mode, because you can't find private room in other io games (^_^)v "The Lost Temple" was the most favorite game map of the millions-players-loved Starr Crraft...Open a private room in the game, call your friends to join, split into teams to start the war! .... "You Are Under Attack!" any one remember that sound? don't worry, We don't have same sound in the game. But, anyway, it's definitly worth a try, feel free to tell us your experience in the review section! we hope everyone loves

In addition to entering the game by youself at anytime, you can also team up with friends to have more fun, team members will enter the game automatically teleported to the location of teammates, team members also respawn at points close to teammates. Team members can not hurt each other, they fight with the rest of the world together!

If you had clicked "Install" when you started reading this, the game should has been installed! welcome to immediately enter the game!

Feel free to leave comments, reviews, suggestion! Feel free to email us at [email protected], I'm waiting for you!
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Download (45.65 MB)

Latest change log:

Auto-Aiming 2.0, accuracy from improved AI algorithm. For our lovely players!
Fix few bugs

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