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Welcome to Battle Run: the multiplayer running game that 3 million players love just got even better. You can now choose 15 different pets to assist you!

Battle Run is a 2D racer game where everyone strives to reach the finish line first. You can outrun three other players in real-time! If you can’t run fast enough, use a weapon to take down whomever is in front of you.

Playing with your friends’ score is boring. Battling with them in real-time is awesome.

Missile, chainsaw, axe, land-mine, meteor, and many more weapons to hurt other players real bad.

Customize your own set of clothing: from hats, glasses, masks, to even a trailing effect. DRESS UP to be and look unique in the game!

Get an instant boost and extra shield with a pet - All of them are different and unique!

Climb up the ranks and be the best possible Battle Runner in the world!

Battle Run APK reviews

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Mark Ramirez review Mark Ramirez
Fun game
I had this game for a while and its a pretty good game. The Only thing is some of the diamond stuff are too expensive such as clothing and characters. There hasnt been any changes in a while, it would be cool if there are more stuff or accessories to buy. The race courses could of been made better. Also sometime when i place first i dont get my points and when i loose connection to the race it give my 4th place and i loose rank. That needs to be fixed.
Raven Velez review Raven Velez
its a good game but wouldnt it be better if you could customize your character when you start the game? And also be able to choose 1 mount out of 3 of them?
Julissa Solis review Julissa Solis
It's a good game but a player that is my friend doesn't want to talk to me!? how rude just wanna talk but I think he thinks its wierd
DaMariana Young review DaMariana Young
It's ok.....
I'm giving it a five star rating but I have glitches sometimes plus I haven't earned my coins for my offer fix it and I'll actually mean this five star rating
Physco Black Bunny review Physco Black Bunny
Becomes 1st place BOOM becomes 2nd place ;-;
Alfred Alo review Alfred Alo
I really like it but
I really like this game. And when it works it's excellent but it glitches so much. It is to the point where you are coming last in every match which is unfair. So please can you fix all glitches,bugs and any problems with it because it is to annoying . And it makes me and my friend want to delete this game
julio Lara review julio Lara
Awesome Game
Is a awesome game because huh I love the pets the Character I Just Loved It
JoLeea Gusoskey review JoLeea Gusoskey
I love it
Its so much fun u kill and run u can luvle up and get a cat a dog its awesome u guys should try it if u havent done it or got
dewayne painter review dewayne painter
Good game but warning
This game is fun, but it glitches a few times. There is also animated blood so be careful.
Heather Ferguson review Heather Ferguson
Glitchy as hell
It glitches at times and makes the other players be able to go through things that kill you and they are just fine. I got kicked out of number 1 when I finished first to #4 which is ridiculous. This game cheats for other players. Not fun anymore.
JaVon Ali review JaVon Ali
Best game ever. I love this game because the pets are awesome. This game is cool because it is like a double task game. You have to win the race but you also have to destroy the other opponents with things like axes, chainsaws, landmines and homing missles. There are also things that can make you go faster. Like the hoverboard and the light speed. I like to play with Chris because of his light speed. Also, instead of the axe Chris has a shoe that spits out slime. My pet is the spider but I want the car.
Kelli Conklin review Kelli Conklin
Fun but didn't receive diamonds
I completed 6 levels of hearthstone and didn't get the 537 diamonds I was supposed to recieve. It took me a long time to complete and I got nothing. Disappointed. Please help.
Tanner Branch review Tanner Branch
The information
The thing I would love is to tell about this game is all the cool maps and thing you can git in the game and one more thing I like is all the power ups you can get and one more thing I love this game!
Chareese Bishop review Chareese Bishop
I hate hate it would give no stars
When people get on the spikes and get hit with weapons they didn't die but every time i get hit with something or fall on spikes it KILLS ME BUT IT DOESN'T KILL THEM AND ANOTHER THING ABOUT THIS STUPID GAME WHEN I GET THAT POWER. UP THEY COME SO LATE SAME AS THE PETS FIX IT OR ILL YELL IN YOUR EAR LOSER SO I AM NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER?? # disappointed fix it now you dirty rotten cheaters so mad at you guys fix this game now I tell you like my comment if you had the same issue go hell battle run??????
Jetan Boyce review Jetan Boyce
Forgot password
I forgot my password and there is no button that says forgot password. If you add that in then I will give this game five stars