BEAT MP3 2.0 - Rhythm Game APK

BEAT MP3 2.0 - Rhythm Game
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Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of music file can be supported.
You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game with your OWN music library in your smartphone.
Hit the notes at the correct time to get the highest score then share your score with your friends,
And challenging to world record.

Feature of BEAT MP3.
- This game includes exclusive music analysis system, makes perfect beat timing looks like which song writers made it.
- It also has random beat system which makes different kind of game even with the same song.
- You can enjoy the game without loading after 1st precision song analysis.
- It’s cozy, fantastic graphic and effect, especially fever mode will make you immersed in this game.
- Adding ranking system with global competitor.
- Adding search function of the song on your phone.

Various options.
- Linearly adjustment for difficulty
- 9 steps speed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)
- Long note on/off function
- Slide note on/off function
- Beat sound on/off function
- Support four different language(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)

Provides guitar, drum, and music games.

BEAT MP3 2.0 - Rhythm Game APK reviews

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Isabella Milo review Isabella Milo
It's ok...
First off: Finger coordination is bad. Especially when I'm holding a long note and it requires me to hold a single note. What usually happens is that I tap it and it says I missed it. Also, the HP in the top left corner drains too fast and it takes too long to get it back. It takes me I don't know, about 20-30 taps to get a part of my HP back. Also, an idea for the next update (that is, if you ever release one) is making the game playable offline. But the game is really addicting and very fun.
Felcona flvyn review Felcona flvyn
Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads..... not worth downloading. Use lucky patcher or try searching for the full modded ver on google.
Lunular Sparx review Lunular Sparx
Really awesome game that allows you to use your own favorite songs and put a Guitar Hero mix on it! very flashy and the fact you can use your own music is amazing and i love it. The only drawbacks of it, is that it's sometimes hard to sync up, and the song only goes to the beat of the background music (ex: if you have a song where the background pattern is kinda slow, but the vocals is faster, it uses the background music) which sucks because then that makes songs kind of easier than it should be.
Shiema Roszahan review Shiema Roszahan
Love it
I like the fact that I can use my own song. However my best record doesn't display my actual best record. It shows an old one that I broke
Park Jin Young review Park Jin Young
I have subscribe for 1month, after 1week the unlimited version is disapear..
Roger Giacomelli review Roger Giacomelli
Wow. My Internet limit is gone.
Not only it REQUIRES connection to play it uses a stupidly great amount of it. I played a single song just to check it out and 20MB are gone from my use limit. The song analysis is okay, but it just seems random, but I think it's somewhat the best one can expect a computer to understand a song through the audio file alone. Ads could be lowered. Every single action triggers an ad. Kinda shameful, being this the 2.0.
Roshad Williams review Roshad Williams
Best App In The Store
I could play this all day! Although... idk why anyone would pay to have this game after level 2.
Jaclyn Alvarez review Jaclyn Alvarez
Addicting but...
I like this game , but most of my music is on Google play and Spotify and the music is ok but I would like to listen to my own music. thanks:)
Andi Wijaya review Andi Wijaya
Why the note can spiked? I already try to reinstall it but it just same.. can u tell what's the problem? Thx
Xclamation Point review Xclamation Point
Only useful if you're playing on an easy mode. Tried playing Megalovania on 9.9 difficulty and the game auto-failed me after like thirty seconds (because there's an HP bar apparently. Oops.). Good game, glad I can use my own music, but apparently you cant use music in your account (Google play music).
Juancho Vazquez review Juancho Vazquez
this game has the same problem that every other mobile music rhythm game has. THERE IS NO actual motivation or effect on how bad or good you hit the music notes. NONE. you can literally close your eyes and just enjoy the track. PIANISTA is the only game I can find that let's you know you need to hit the music notes right so you can enjoy the track. this game needs an actual challenge to the nice music it has. think about it a music game that your game play DOESN'T affect the music.. what's the point?
TheWeepinBunBun review TheWeepinBunBun
You need to prevent lag during gameplay. I played a song on 9.9 difficulty and the game lagged, giving me 2 misses that weren't there. It can even stop (graphic and noise) for a good 3 seconds and start the music late when it finally works again. It's aggravating.
Khaullan Fiddiyoso review Khaullan Fiddiyoso
10 coin to play a song is too expensive. And waiting 30 minutes is boring. But it's different story if the song is Violet Breath. And again, not everyone can pay to play. I'm not blame you for putting too many ads, it's one of your income. You better put some kind of gold and diamond to unlock something
Ethan Solesto review Ethan Solesto
I really, really enjoy this game. It almost perfects the beats of the songs I ask it to play, with some slight issues here and there. There is a problem I want to address, and that's a glitch I experienced with the coins. I had gone in the game with 41 coins, unused and about to play the game. I had to exit the game real fast and come back into it. When I went into the game, however, all of the energy was gone. I thought that the issue should be looked at if able, but other than that, it's a really solid rhythm game.
Alec Hershey review Alec Hershey
Its a great game i love it and that i can use my own music. I have had the app for a while, but recently it has been interrupting songs with ads. It may have something to do with switching from wifi to 4G because thats when i noticed it happened. I know ads are needed to make money, but when they interrupt songs it becomes really annoying.