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BeautyCam - It offers beauty of all kinds
BeautyCam helps you look your best.
Fun and powerful portrait & selfie camera!
The best FREE virtual makeup app.
With BeautyCam you can perfect every photo, and you can be sure all your portraits show only the best version of you. Try new looks with the world’s most popular, easiest-to-use virtual makeup app by just one tap.
What can BeautyCam do for you?
A fresh way of taking selfies! BeautyCam will keep surprising you with funny and cute AR effects. Transform into cuties instantly! And game elements will enrich your selfies!
Refine your smile
Whiten your teeth
Smooth and rejuvenate your skin and adds a radiant complexion
Remove temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishes
Brighten dark circles under your eyes
Try out adorable photo stickers with anime-style effects!
Emphasize your eyes
Erase eye bags and dark circles
Refine jaw lines
Heighten cheek bones and brows
Reshape your nose
Enlarge or shrink a specific area
Transform your face into fun shapes
Apply blush and eye shadow
Add volume to your lashes and shape your brows
Add color to your lips
Add intensity to your natural lip color
Retouch using multiple special effects, and instantly preview your photo or video live in BeautyCam.
Defocus or blur the background
Improve lighting or add special effects
Customized filters
Add unique textures and customizable frames
Rotate photo or flip to its mirror image
BeautyCam works with both the front and back camera
Selfie Timer built in
Multiple face recognition lets you go for the group shot!
Perfect lighting in the darkest locations. Adjusts exposure automatically
Let our technicians know about any problems or suggestions through our feedback section!

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BeautyCam APK reviews

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Monalisa Ghosal review Monalisa Ghosal
It works really well...i am very happy with it....the acne removal is fun
Farheen Mujtaba review Farheen Mujtaba
Best camera
It's have a very good effects and beautify pictures in much extent
muhammad khan afride review muhammad khan afride
Very niceee
I love this Application. .!!
Takoua 18 review Takoua 18
Cool loved it
Adhelle Miranda review Adhelle Miranda
Awesome... i really like it.. ;)
Lena Rahman review Lena Rahman
Great Beauty App
Loving all the features of this app. However, would like to see an additional option when sharing a picture. I.e. Whatsapp.
Litsa Rudy review Litsa Rudy
I love it..... i want more features like stickers and collage ???
Raj Suman Vyas review Raj Suman Vyas
Superb, especially for elder ones,just Luv it, thanks.
MJ Magale II review MJ Magale II
I really love it
Ganda ng app na ito :)
Sanjib Chakraborty review Sanjib Chakraborty
Best than all other photography apps in market....
Alper Ozmen review Alper Ozmen
Simple and easy
Not complicated it seems.
Nathalie Fournier review Nathalie Fournier
Love it
So amazing I recommend people this app I love it
Exotic Baby review Exotic Baby
Such a great app! I love to take selfies now HAHAHA
Josheanne Parome review Josheanne Parome
Better than beautyplus as long as no crashing.
Ali Hassan review Ali Hassan
Its so cooooooooool and loveable aap everyone should check it.... Rated 5 staaaaaars......