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A world on your mobile™ - Over 70,000,000 people are playing! Get the top rated match 3 puzzle adventure game FREE! Enter the world of Minutia and collect cute characters - Level up your team to defeat the Slugs - and play more than 1500 levels for hours of fiendish match 3 fun!

The little creatures of Minutia lived in peace and harmony, until the night the meteor smashed into Mount Boom! A strange force transformed the slimy Slugs who lived there into a gang of greenery-gobbling goons – and now, the Slugs captured the Best Fiends’ families!

To fight back the Slugs and free their families, the Best Fiends must go on on an adventure! Level up and discover their special powers and prepare for the mystery that awaits at Mount Boom.

To get to Mount Boom, they’ll need to become… the BEST FIENDS!

• PLAY FIENDISH PUZZLES Easy to play, hard to master. Approachable match 3 puzzle gameplay taken to the next level!
• BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS Cute characters and finger-tapping music!
• THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Match 3 puzzle adventure game with RPG-like character development!
• COLLECT & LEVEL UP Rescue and free all the cute Best Fiends and discover their special powers!
• JOIN THE BATTLE against the Slugs of Mount Boom and adventure through the majestic world of Minutia!
• COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS connect to the beautiful 3D map via Facebook and see who reaches Mount Boom first!
• STAY TUNED More levels, cute characters, gameplay and surprises are on the way!

PLEASE NOTE! Best Fiends is completely free match 3 puzzle game. It’s free to download and play but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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Best Fiends - Puzzle Adventure APK reviews

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Nathan Webster review Nathan Webster
Another luck based game
Up until level 25+ my review was going to be 4-5 stars, but past these levels you're basically stuck in a game of luck. If you're lucky to get enough of the right colours to win a game then great, but you're probably going to have to replay each level at least 3-5 times in order to get there. And that's no fun at all.
Misty Reid review Misty Reid
Fun and Worth downloading!
This game is entertaining and challenging at times. ?
julian hampton review julian hampton
Def challenges your patience but i love it
Awesome Shi*
Ashok Vardhan review Ashok Vardhan
I played so many games till now but my no 1 game is this....
Peaches Bradford review Peaches Bradford
Very cute andaddictive
Play play friend me I'll accept on the game only please
Sallie Long review Sallie Long
Best Fiends
I do love this game and play it every day. Unfortunately it will no longer load. It tries and crashes. Very sad. Can it be fixed with my progress saved?
Samantha Walker review Samantha Walker
Totally addicted
I love this game. I'm so addicted. I play for hours. Even when I fail a level I'm ready to go right bk.
Elaine Fisher review Elaine Fisher
Fun, fun, fun!
Addicting from the start! Diagonal moves makes it more of a challenge than the typical match 3 games.
Mike Weber review Mike Weber
Like game
Would be a lot better if it would not freeze in the middle of the game.
Kristen Pino review Kristen Pino
I love this game! Still play it several times a day for over 3 months. A lot of levels to beat to keep your interest
Laura Rader review Laura Rader
Love love love
This is one of the best puzzle, color match games ever. You won't be disappointed. This game is so much fun.
Emily Mejean review Emily Mejean
Great game and great support team!!
I love this game....I just wish they would fix the sync problem. I can't sync my second device. So my progress was lost when I got the game on my tablet. ***The sync problem is fixed!!!! My progress has been saved on both devices. I LOVE this game and the team behind it is wonderful!!!! ***
Dana Flowers review Dana Flowers
Best Fiends
Really fun game, lots of rewards and not such a long wait to energize again. Wonderfully addictive!
Rachel Brooks review Rachel Brooks
Love this game!!!
I love this game, although a couple of the levels are tricky, you can get through them...
maureen baldry review maureen baldry
Best Fiends
I like the way that if you fail a level you do not lose what you have won. The side missions are almost impossible.