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David Muldoon review David Muldoon
Improved Greatly
It may have taken time, but the app is very much use able now.
Christina Espiritu review Christina Espiritu
Perfect app for daily devotionals!
This app has a huge variety of daily devotionals. Perfect for any age, lifestyle or need. They're constantly adding new topics from highly recognized pastors. Its easy to navigate, quick when you need to find a verse, and I love how I can go back to my highlighted verses for quick references. I use this everyday with no problems what so ever.
Sunil Stephenson review Sunil Stephenson
My experience with this app has changed me and friends and my family's lives. People have a chance to be close to God each day through so many means such as this. I thank the creators of this app because their work is changing lives!
Ama Afrifah review Ama Afrifah
I Love how Simple and Vivid it is.
This makes getting into the Bible Gives you tasks to finish. Also I love how you can be lazy and have the scriptures read to you in an amazing Voice.
Crystal Spiller review Crystal Spiller
Very nice
Simply the bible, and I like it. My only suggestion would be to allow us to download amplified for a offline app.
A Google User review A Google User
Terrible new update. Been using this app over 5 years and it never stopped working. Since the last update, it crashes every time. Everything goes blank. It's unfortunate.
douglas reynolds review douglas reynolds
Once again....
It won't let me post verses on Facebook. I can post images I created, but not straight out verses. Please fix. HTC One M9
aliza owens review aliza owens
I really love this app! One thing that I noticed with the update, is when I read the daily devotion/verse and I want to continue reading the rest of the chapter, it automatically takes me to the beginning of the chapter when switching over to the full Bible. The previous version would take me right to the verse that i was reading. Not a huge deal, just really convenient ! I have a bad habit of not checking the verse prior to switching over.
Bertha Jamal-Wensah review Bertha Jamal-Wensah
Having a few issues with this new update. I'm getting multiple notifications when a friend completes their plan or makes a comment. Not sure whats going on there...also the daily verse is also coming up more than once at random times!
Jason Hughes review Jason Hughes
A Great App!!
It has very useful tools for Bible reading. Also, a wide variety of devotionals and more. No bugs found what so ever.
Donna Erickson review Donna Erickson
Love this app, but...
I being able to pick which bible to read and the audio available. I, however, am having a frequent problem when I get into reading with the words disappearing. Very frustrating.
Allison Weber review Allison Weber
Bible app
I give two stars only because after getting a different devices it will not let me log on, keeps telling me my password and username is wrong even after they sent me a new password. I loved it before, and would have given 5 stars. I can't do any of the things I use to making my studies extremely frustrating.
A Google User review A Google User
Its probably the most useful Bible study app on android. And I love using it. They made the best Bible app even better. The new server is amazingly fast. If this isn't eperfection, it's the closest I've seen yet!
Roger De La Cruz review Roger De La Cruz
New Creature
God will complete the work he began in me
Toni Spradlin review Toni Spradlin
I love this Bible app. It makes it so convenient to always have my Bible with me. The variety of translations makes it so easy to check the same verse out in multiple versions quickly, and the devotionals ate great. My favorite feature has become the ability to add a verse to an image; I use this every day to share scripture with friends!