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BIGO LIVE - Live Broadcasting
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A new trend in broadcasting!

BIGO LIVE is the most popular broadcasting app on mobile platform where you may start your own live stream and watch enjoyable show of talented performers. Come and join us to win over popularity and collect prizes.

Star Broadcasters: To interact with stars from all over the world, YouTube celebrities and Facebook top influencers in BIGO LIVE.

Numerous Fans: Connecting millions of users, BIGO LIVE help you become NEXT STAR!

Live Broadcasting: Watch and broadcast with your phone whenever and wherever you want!

Virtual gifts: Various cool and unique gifts are ready. Show your passion, send Roadsters to broadcasters!

Guest Live: Invite your friends to co-host your broadcast!

Rewarding Activities: Join our online and offline activities to win diamonds, beans and prizes!

Beans to Money: Exchange your beans to money. Broadcast, earn money and rejoice!

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Java Grosir review Java Grosir
Give us penalty time limit
I think it's not wise to banned permanently broadcaster who over your rules. Give them time penalty, such as two weeks banned, or one month and finally permanent banned. Or give us 18+ channel, and visitors who would like to enter 18+ must pay annually. I think it's human right also for them who would likes to looks moore sexy.
Dominicus Delvian review Dominicus Delvian
So so
So far i enjoyed this application. But i think you should not banned people easily, and i know you had some reason to banned them. Im from indonesia and im ok with that. I had 1 case when i saw a woman broadcast, suddenly she get banned for unknown reason, actually she show some funny thing and i enjoy it. I hope you can fix it and ill consider to give you more star. Thankyou
Aditya Kurnia P review Aditya Kurnia P
Problem fixed very fast! :)
I can't chat on everyone's room. When I send chat, they can't read. The problem is word filter, my username is cencored so I cant chat. Then I send a feedback email to Bigo, they response to change username. I change, it works, but im not comfortable with my new username cz its not my real name so my friends don't know that it was me. I send an email again to uncencor word that I use for username. They replied and n said that I can use my username "ADITYA" again. And IT WORKS!! THANK YOU BIGO!! Thanh review [email protected] Thanh
Recently most of Vietnam's paper has reported that it is a bad app because it contains lots of sexy videos that had been forbidden. And it is not good for children.teens as well as a healthy lifestyle. So I remind everyone should be careful when download this app.Maybe it has virus damages your phones and folders
Lee Arnie Bernardino review Lee Arnie Bernardino
You are going to lose all your clients
When you permanently banned someone for his first violation you just elliminated one of your client who could be your most famous broadcaster. Even civil law does not impose death penalty on a 1st offense traffick violation. You can consider the degree of violation when banning people if you want to retain your clients and stay on the business.
Gema Noor review Gema Noor
Change the ban rules n the duration of banned
Imo the standard of ban kinda vague, since when i watch some of streamer and in the middle of the live got ban for "unknown" reason sound awful for the streamer. Hope u reconsider change some rules n give some "slacks" on the streamer. And one more I think is must have button for the streamer, ban button for people being rude to them. But overall apps quite stable n good. Keep up the good work
Akang Raher review Akang Raher
Mohon Buatkan Pengaturan Blokir Untuk Pengguna Yang Mengganggu. Terimakasi
Willu Dev review Willu Dev
Full time pass....n enjoyful...real pleasure
Mvideo Mvideo review Mvideo Mvideo
Quite not bad, but
I have bought phone not in Russia, and I live in Moscow, but because phone platform not Russified - I cant change the region, at me it is specified America though I am in Moscow! Because of it only foreigners are connected to me and there are no Russians, make an opportunity to change the region!!
Black Cash review Black Cash
Wtf are those idiots streaming
This app is so useless what a waste of my time.
Zan Booker review Zan Booker
How can I change my number. It won't let me change it.
I got banned
Why i got banned I've been using bigo for 3 months now with 7k followers my followers are very disappointed .. i just dance not compare to any other girls in bigo they almost show naked.. im hearing alot of negative feedbacks about this app as my friend works with bigo as a moderator.. she cnt even explain as to why my profile is permanently banned and how i wish you could give me back my 3k diamonds
Amrit gill review Amrit gill
It's too Good