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Hello ji
Himanshu Ahuja review Himanshu Ahuja
Wish there was an option to manage the bandwidth used, app uses too much data so wish there was a data saver option. Need a option to turn off the cam of the person running a broad when I'm on call on that broad so don't have to waste data when just talking.
sameer baig review sameer baig
It's good one app. But people mis use. Beans is important here.. anyway... keep it up bigo😉
TT Lover review TT Lover
deepu arshivad review deepu arshivad
Not able to login I tried from many ids but not Abel to login why ate not slowing this problem it says permanent blocked
Tony Sparx review Tony Sparx
scrolling down and up sometimes got stuttered in the last update
Java Grosir review Java Grosir
Give us penalty time limit
I think it's not wise to banned permanently broadcaster who over your rules. Give them time penalty, such as two weeks banned, or one month and finally permanent banned. Or give us 18+ channel, and visitors who would like to enter 18+ must pay annually. I think it's human right also for them who would likes to looks moore sexy.
noor alam review noor alam
Awesome app
vivek pawar review vivek pawar
Abe account kidhar delete hota ye bta
Dominicus Delvian review Dominicus Delvian
So so
So far i enjoyed this application. But i think you should not banned people easily, and i know you had some reason to banned them. Im from indonesia and im ok with that. I had 1 case when i saw a woman broadcast, suddenly she get banned for unknown reason, actually she show some funny thing and i enjoy it. I hope you can fix it and ill consider to give you more star. Thankyou
Enjoy bigo
Best time killer 😂😉😂
Aditya Kurnia P review Aditya Kurnia P
Problem fixed very fast! :)
I can't chat on everyone's room. When I send chat, they can't read. The problem is word filter, my username is cencored so I cant chat. Then I send a feedback email to Bigo, they response to change username. I change, it works, but im not comfortable with my new username cz its not my real name so my friends don't know that it was me. I send an email again to uncencor word that I use for username. They replied and n said that I can use my username "ADITYA" again. And IT WORKS!! THANK YOU BIGO!!