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Play the world’s #1 FREE BINGO GAME with Wheel of Fortune® Bingo and Deal or No Deal™ Bingo!
Join millions of players from across the globe, play in over 30 free Bingo rooms with 13 different ways to win!
Compete in real time against millions of Bingo players & WIN BIG!
Play with Power Plays and complete collections to win huge rewards!
Chat with friends while you’re playing free Bingo and team up with them to uncover huge rewards and bonuses!

Fly around the world in our classic Bingo rooms:
- Buy a Bingo card and Trek through the mysterious jungles of the Amazon!
- Experience the wild side of nature in the Serengeti!
- Live like a God in the Temple of Zeus!
- Hit the Las Vegas strip for high-stakes casino games!

Experience Bingo like never before in our special Bingo cards!
- Hunt for treasure, defeat zombie hordes or run your very own pet spa in this unique Bingo room!
- Play in our special Holiday themed free Bingo rooms to make your holidays memorable!
- Play our most exciting Bingo room – Wheel of Fortune® Bingo!
Wheel of Fortune® meets Bingo in an extraordinary partnership. America’s #1 Game Show & America’s #1 Bingo come together at last!
Walk on to the famous Wheel of Fortune® stage - and play the world’s #1 Bingo there!
Win unprecedented Bingo bonuses in the Wheel of Fortune® Spin to Win Mini-game!

Play our awesome free Slots, scratch cards and Mini-games, and win huge rewards!

Install now & start playing FREE BINGO!

• Bingo Bash is intended for a mature audience.
• Bingo Bash does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
• Past success at social casino gaming has no relationship to future success at "real money gambling".

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Bingo Bash - Bingo & Slots APK reviews

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Judy Phillips review Judy Phillips
Absolutely love it-My favorite Bingo game from the app store... Never any problems...Recommend you try this the slots, scratchers and pull tabs, the mini games, this is where I win free chips to play with♥♥ UPDATE: Still love this app!! Recommend anyone download it! Great graphics, no problems lots of games :-)
Jason Cheek review Jason Cheek
It's okay.
Really good representation of bingo. Chips do run out fast but it is possible to save up a few. Hence the 4*, rather than 5. Games boards could be a bit cheaper on chips or earning them more easily would earn a 5*.
Megan Lucore review Megan Lucore
Lots of fun but...
This site is lots of fun & has cool tournaments but you have to spend lots of chips to play all the games. Yeah, you get a daily bonus & that helps; but I feel there should be ways to earn free chips without having to spend real cash...if there was I'd rate this 5 stars
Bonnie Retzlafff review Bonnie Retzlafff
Love it! One of the best free bingo games online! I find that the games are rarely giving you any bingos, so therefore you are spending more and more of your actual Canadian dollars on buying phony monies and then, to top it all off, we're also getting bent, as we pay US FUNDS!!!! GO FIGURE
Teri Ardrey review Teri Ardrey
Was having fun playing. ... but tonight it sucked twice I tried to play in sparktacular and twice there was not enough people to play. That's all well and good but don't offer a refund if you're not going to honor it.
Helen Fox review Helen Fox
Not sure why but always seems to be the same people who are always winning. Same names 2 or 3 times in each game. Hmmmm I just wanted to add that I noticed that all the 4 and 5 ? ratings are from all the people that win over and over again. I used to love this app but gets very frustrating when you see the same names winning not just once but 2 or 3 times in each game Are you sure these are not employees? Just asking? Hmmm again Too many coincidences for them to be that lucky every day
almedia knox review almedia knox
I think it sucks in a way that you never get anything on the scratch offs or the slot spins. Plus it sucks that you only get to claim your bonus once a day. I love this game but it does not give you enough coins to play more than one or two games.
Aillin Boo review Aillin Boo
Need more bingo chips!
Omg i used to have 40+ chips daily now its like 37 i can't play like this!
Billy Brouhard review Billy Brouhard
Cool... wish you could get coins faster though
Angelo Peebles review Angelo Peebles
I will give the 5th star back once you fix your room glitches!
Tried playing the new year room just now. All I can say is you must not have done any testing of it before adding it to the game. 1st off I pay 32 tokens for 4 cards. I'm only given 2 cards, yet the full 32 has been deducted from my account. I entered the room with 17 power plays. I use 2 and then the game stops counting my daubs towards anymore power plays. I understand small glitches happen, but neither of these are small. Both are major and extremely influential on the game play. Next time first, before
Deanna Shepherd review Deanna Shepherd
Look iam so mad u by rocks. 2 time an they dont give them to me iam so darn mad
Haven't planned the pumpkins game the Phils baskets and the last four times that I have played I have filled up my baskets and then not one I don't understand why leave its basketball you're supposed to get a bingo they're not doing it some a lot of games they do that they take my points and don't give me anything I'm getting fed up
Kaitlyn Wimmer review Kaitlyn Wimmer
Fun just wish there was an easier way to get bingo coins
Tracey Heath review Tracey Heath
Settings button
Since latest update it's impossible to click the settings, gems etc. Buttons. It just keeps flicking back and forward. Please fix, it's extremely frustrating
Kelly Lantis review Kelly Lantis
I am still not impressed. Too hard to get bingo chips without real money. Only give you enough to play 4 cards per day and odds of winning in that amount to win more chips are way too low. I quit playing this game for over 4 years and am now remembering why. Probably will quit playing again soon. Because of the inability to play without spending real money, I would not recommend this game to anyone.
Debbie Mitchell review Debbie Mitchell
I love to play this game daily