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Experience your online bingo game as you never have before, while going on a bingo games adventure, in Bingo Blitz.

Join Blitzy the cat for awesome online bingo games missions, online bingo freebies, goodies and more bingo fun besides!

What are you waiting for? Get playing Bingo Blitz now!

🏆 Multiple card play: One bingo card is SO old-skool - play multiple free bingo games at the same time!
🏆 Grab Powerups: Need a little extra power for your bingo game? Grab powerups for even bigger bingo wins!
🏆 Collect souvenirs: What’s a round the world trip if you don't have cool stuff to show for it? Grab souvenirs in every city you visit!
🏆 Win special bingo cards: This is Bingo Blitz, a free bingo game with a difference - we do things a bit differently here.
🏆 Play epic mini-games! Bingo Blitz is about more than just bingo games - play mini-games while you wait for your next bingo game to start!
🏆 Go with the seasons: Check out Blitzy’s awesome SEASONAL and FEATURED bingo rooms, for even bigger free bingo prizes, collection items and online bingo rewards!

🐇Welcome To Blitzy’s Wonderland!🐇
Grab a gift & get ready to take part in a magical new culinary experience!
BLITZERS, are you ready to go down the rabbit hole of rewards!?!? Welcome to Blitzy’s Wonderland, a brand new magical culinary experience! Do you have what it takes to help chef Blitzy prepare all the right dishes for the Queen before it's off with his head! Dust off your magical aprons, and head into Blitzy’s Wonderland today to find out!

Get DAILY Extra Goodies - EPIC Free Bingo Games, Just For You!
We love our Bingo Blitz players, and we like to show you the love DAILY!

🎱 Journey around the world for DAILY FREE COINS and CREDITS: free bingo games don't get better than this!
🎱 Play epic bingo side games worldwide, including bingo slot machine spins and spin the bingo bonus wheel!
🎱 Go on fun free bingo quests all around the world for epic bingo live prizes and bonuses, including extra credits, coins and power-ups!
🎱 Play free bingo games tournaments, with DAILY wins!

Looking for EPIC free bingo games with cool daily extras? You've got it all, in Bingo Blitz!

Let’s Take Things Online: Bingo Online - Get Social and Play Online Bingo Games!

International online bingo game is SO much more fun with friends; free bingo doesn't get much better than this!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Chat away in the online bingo live chat room!
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Invite your friends for even bigger free bingo bonuses!
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Trade cards from all of your bingo games, and complete your collections quicker for more rewards!
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Share the love, and share your bingo pop wins with your friends!

Want to be a real part of Blitzy's Family Feast? Upload a recipe and maybe you'll be one of 8 lucky winners! If that’s not exciting enough, you will also get your very own, custom avatar in the game! Upload your recipe NOW!

Check out the new Bingo Blitz TV YouTube channel for all the latest news, tips, updates, and incredible surprises!

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BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases. This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this bingo game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

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Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
Just upgraded now I can't play at all it keeps saying to log into Facebook I did& it says contact support...I mean what's going on??? On Mobile been playing for the last 4 years my favorite game????I logged into Facebook it keeps giving me the same message please fix?
mindy fussner review mindy fussner
I've been playing this game for years. Lately it seems nearly impossible to get a dang BINGO! I played at least 5 rounds the other day and didn't even come close to getting a BINGO. It seems rigged to me. It is a fun game. They have really good slot games. If I don't start winning, I'm going to seriously think about deleting ☹
The changes that has been made has made it more difficult to complete each room and the amount of credits per room is getting way too has taken me months to complete one rooms
Dan Man review Dan Man
Very fun exactly what you want to do to pass the time
Hope Carlisle review Hope Carlisle
Why am i getting a pop up saying im logged out please help me i uninstalled it and reinstalled in along with facebook i did that to fb to and still not letting me play
Traci Heitman review Traci Heitman
Game has become not fun. Seriously it shouldn't take a person a year to complete 1 room. Chests are few and far between with any collection items and more times than not are something you already have. I know you are all to worried about screwing people out of money to get Elite status to care so what's the point of saying anything because things will continue to be the same. I play to try and have fun but it's to the point I don't.
Scumers! Your ad make me install this app, because it wrote: you win ! And where is my prize ? I installed your app, but didn't get anything. Get your 1. Scumers !
Patricia Moffat review Patricia Moffat
Last week 5 stars this week 1 star. Absolute nonsense of a game in one week. Good basic bingo game completely wasted for a vast number of people. Probably one of the most popular bingo apps. at one time. Now its a run of the mill bingo game having lost direction. I personally have no desire to play slots, so when the credits and power-ups are gone I will uninstall the game. Could not recommend this game at all. Now I am locked out of Facebook can't play this game. Facebook works perfectly well everywhere else. Nonsense !!!! Thanks to Bingo Blitz support. I followed their instructions about fixing the Facebook problem, it worked. Thank you for the quick response to my query. Top marks!!!!!
Nicole Stinson review Nicole Stinson
I enjoy playing bingo blitz! But I wish they would change the credits purchasing to using the coins you win to purchase them as well........ I want to keep playing but run out so fast and cannot keep up. If I could buy them using my coins I'd be in good shape.
cynthia riley review cynthia riley
Great game and a challenge to make credits for playing bingo card
Beatrice Powell review Beatrice Powell
Love the game but not enough bingo chips
Jenn Brooks review Jenn Brooks
Won't let log on for 2 days. Have up dated still won't connect through Facebook. Ready to delete an go to a newer bingo app. Please fix this fast
Ben Hammatt review Ben Hammatt
One of the most "rigged" games still trying to complete rooms from years ago...constantly people getting bingo on 2 numbers..credits arent enough..i spent 350 credits today and got the "almsot had it" 3 times in a row..
Teri Ardrey review Teri Ardrey
Well the "free credits" offer comes up on Facebook and you 1 like 2 share 3 comment then hit the link.... which throws you out there. I've tried it twice, one for 500 credits and one for 100 credits same result. That was the reason I uninstalled it in the first place. Recently just came back to see if things have changed. Some have some definitely have not. Please explain. Really like playing game